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Ox-K Farm

593 Belknap Mountain Rd, Gilford, New Hampshire 03249
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3 Reviews
Type: Animals and Guided Tours
Ages: All Ages
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3 Reviews for Ox-K Farm

September 11 2011
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"Too Good To Miss!"

Ok-K Farm is a wonderful place for youth and adults to learn history, proper care of animals, and to just have fun. Gather information, photos, and experience to put together an award winning educational display, school report, or demonstration. If you are visiting NH or live close by, you should make an appointment to visit the farm for this hands-on learning experience!

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September 11 2011
1 family found this helpful
"Wallace Heath"

Interesting to read you information.  We have been
to the Ox K Farm on at least 2 differrent occasions
each time learning much more about these beautiful
animals.  There are a couple of corrections i would
suggest.  This Ox wieght over 2400 lbs now and the
location is in Gilford, NH. Laconia is a large city near
I do have some pictures to send if I can pull it off.

Thank you for the exposure.


September 11 2011
2 families found this helpful
"Learn about Oxen"

Ox-K farm is located in Guilford in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Kathy Salanitro has over 25 years of experience handling and caring for oxen. On her beautiful property she has a barn and field set up to teach people about oxen. We spent the morning learning about, feeding and driving her four oxen; Max, Jake, Chip and Dale.

A couple of years ago Kathy was asked to help out with the education of a troubled teen. Parents, teachers and administrators were having trouble reaching this teen. Once she met Kathy and her oxen she was able to gain control of herself and her future and currently works with animals. Kathy saw an opportunity to educate others about her farm and her animals and opened her farm to families, groups, tours, schools and anyone interested in learning more about oxen.

When we first arrived at the farm we were greeted by a huge braying oxen. Kathy gathered us up and we went inside the barn to meet the oxen. We fed three of these gentle giants alfalfa cubes by hand and saw first-hand the competition that has grown between them. Kathy has raised them from the time they were young. Her love for them is evident and their gentle demeanor is the result. My 6 year old daughter had no trouble feeding these 2400 pound giants. Kathy reminded us several times that these oxen were special and not all oxen would have their gentle manner.

Kathy explained to us how the oxen had developed a pecking order and had different personalities. The most personable of the bunch, Chip, was also the one who we met last as he was busy grazing alone in the field. Although he was the most personable, he was also the most finicky and stubborn. He would not eat any of the alfalfa that already had the scent of other oxen even though he loves alfalfa. The kids thought this to be comical.

Kathy spent some time explaining the veterinary care of oxen and other ruminates. Among other things she showed us a magnet that is delivered to ruminates so they are not troubled by pieces of metal they might eat in the field. She showed us how they hooves are clipped and what their horns look like. Finally she asked us if we wanted to learn to drive the oxen. This proved to be the highlight of the morning.

It took much strength to yoke the oxen pair, Chip and Jake. These two were chosen for their friendliness and similar size. We used a wooden yoke which my 9-year-old son and husband helped Kathy hoist onto the animals. She then led them for a walk out of the barn and into a field. She taught us a couple of basic commands and then let us each try to drive the pair. The kids went first and were all successful, and then my husband and I had our turns. I guess we will remain city slickers, because it was quite a sight and certainly not like driving a car. Everyone who drives receives a certificate.

Kathy uses her oxen teams to pull for functional activities like putting a covered bridge in place, but she has also pulled pairs in fairs in the past. Her teams now are used for educational purposes and will pull the amount of weight she has them trained to pull. Mostly now her animals are show animals that are used to teach adults and children alike how to care for oxen. She really enjoys her job. Her enthusiasm is very evident and the oxen seem to like the attention as well.

You must schedule an appointment to interact with the oxen. The adult rate is $18.00. The family rate is $36.00 for a family of three which each additional child charged $9.00.

This review is based on a complimentary visit to the Ox-k Farm. I received no other compensation beside our interaction with the oxen and the farm did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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