1 Review of Old Sautee Store

A step back in time

- June 2014

On a recent trip to Helen with my two boys, we turned onto Hwy 17, just outside of town.  It was my first time turning at the old Cherokee mound (which dates back to 2,500 BC.)  I wasn't sure what to expect heading into Sautee..now that I know, I could kick myself for not turning sooner.

The highlight of the town (in my opinion) is the Old Sautee Store and Market (see the Sautee restaurant reviews about my experience at the Market.)  The Store was built in 1872 as a General Store. Later it became a post office...now it is back to a general store.

The store has kept many of the charm and touches from it's beginnings.  As we entered the door, we saw the front room filled with antiques and a "store front" as it might have looked 100 years ago.  There was even an old music player that the owner turned on for us.  My boys (and three other young children who were there) danced and danced to the "old-timey" music box.  

The next doorway took us into general store.  My boys were taken by the large barrels of candy, sold by the pound.  We filled our basket with each boy's selections, and then browsed a little longer.  

We saw jellies, jams, and sauces...outdoor clothing...gifts and handmade items...and cheese! They were handing out free samples of farmers cheese, which tasted divine! The owner told me that this was by far their most popular product.  It was easy to understand why.

Since we were visiting on a gorgeous day in the spring, we opted to head next door for an outside lunch before digging into our candy.

This is a really fun way to experience history with the kids.  The building is beautiful by itself, but it is fun to see that the shop keeps the spirit of roots in their detailing, candy barrels, and sweet staff.  Whatever you do, don't leave without asking them to start the music player.