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38480 Oak Glen Rd., Yucaipa, CA
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    From its website: "Take a visit to Oak Tree Village, 14 acres of family fun, in Oak Glen anytime of the year, and you will see one of the most scenic spots in Southern California. Oak Tree Village is nestled in the heart of Apple Country a mile high, where it is cooler in the summers and has enough snow to make snowmen and sled in ...

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2 Reviews of Oak Tree Village

Year-Round Market, Petting Zoo & More

- September 2014

Oak Tree Village offers an assortment of activities including a permanent artisan marketplace, petting zoo (a bit pricey), eclectic taxidermy museum, live deer to feed, pony rides, bounce houses, and more.
There are a few cute shops and plenty of snacky food items to try including apple donuts from a variety of sources.

An interesting mix of attractions

- August 2013

We LOVE Oak Glen. It is a fantastic place to visit to taste some of the most delicious apples Southern California has to offer. There has yet to be a farm that we haven't enjoyed in the area.

However, the Oak Tree Village is far from a farm experience.  In fact, my son kept repeating "Where are the apples to pick, Mommy?" It is a host of varied attractions. On the day we visited, the village was just gearing up for apple season. Not much was open, and much to our dismay, what was open cost $.  I'm not much a fan of individual attractions costing additional money, and that is exactly what happens at Village. All of the businesses, food stands, and attractions charge. There is no fee to enter the village, but be prepared to shell out a pretty penny by the time you leave.

I decided to give it a chance and visit the two attractions that were open: The Mountain Town Museum and Animal Park & Petting Zoo.  

The museum was proclaimed as "scary" by my 4 year old. The museum is filled with reptiles, amphibians, birds, and lots of taxidermy. I have to give credit where credit is due-the museum curator warned us about the taxidermy before we went in, but I wasn't quite expecting to see full size bears, beavers, goats, mountain lions etc. perched around every corner in muted light. We did think that the live animals were cool. My son especially liked the turtles, frogs, and getting to pet the bunnies and chinchillas.  If you have a child who likes seeing animals of all types up close, this would be a great attraction for him/her.  It was $3 per person to enter the museum.

The Animal Park & Petting Zoo was $5 per person. There were several cages of fowl (chickens, turkeys, emu, peacocks), goats, llamas and alpacas, cattle, sheep and pigs. There is corn available in a coin operated dispenser to feed them located in the animal park. The petting zoo was filled with young (or at least little) goats, and pot belly pigs. They were not monitored by staff, and were a little too interested in following my family around the pen for my comfort. We did like the "Johnny Appleseed Cabin", hiking up to the "mines", and looking for fish in the trout ponds. Oak Tree Village also offers trout fishing. (It is catch and keep, so be prepared to take what you catch and pay for it. The charges vary depending on the size of the fish.)  

The village has room for many different artisans on the property, making it almost like a farmer's market.

I will say that while we didn't try breakfast at Apple Annie's, I have heard nothing but great things about it, and it was packed the day we went, even though it was mid-week.  Next time we are in Oak Glen, we will have to stop by for a meal.

All this to say, if you like shopping and a carnival type atmosphere, this would be a really fun stop, as you don't have to pay for anything you don't want to experience. However, if you come to Oak Glen to see apple trees and have a more pastoral experience, this is one to skip.