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North Pole, Santa's Workshop

5050 Pikes Peak Hwy, Cascade, Colorado 80809 | 719-684-9432
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Type: Amusement Parks, Seasonal Events, Hiking & Walking, and Stores
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$
Hours of operation: 10am-5pm

We are a christmas theme family amusement park on beautiful Pikes Peak. We offer 28 rides, magic shows, and several village shops and places to eat. And of course we always have Santa Clause. Check our website for video, photos and coupons to plan your visit!  We offer $3 off per person coupons on our website.

9 Reviews for North Pole, Santa's Workshop

May 20 2016
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" but not sure it was worth the price."

I have lived in Colorado my whole life and this Christmas was the first time we had ever made it to The North Pole.
It was pricey but I would say the kids had fun.
Since we went at high season, parking was a bit of an issue and we ended up walking a ways.
Since we went in December, obviously it was cold, but it was colder than we had planned for. Next time I would make sure EVERYONE had hats and gloves, not just the kids...and I would bring those hand warmer things too.
For our older kids, it was great, for our littles not as fun, I felt like the adults and younger kids spent most of the day waiting on the older kids.
I guess I have been spoiled by Disney because I was kinda disappointed that the rides weren't all Christmas themed. I figured they would have the usual rides but I was sad they didn't paint them to be Christmas like or anything...but that obviously didn't change the fun of the ride to my kids.
The ferris wheel was both cool and terrifying!
I don't know if we will make it a tradition to go back but it was fun...we just should have worn more clothes!

January 14 2016
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"A lot of fun for children of all ages including adults!"

My family and I are military so we go a couple of times each year in October for "Military Appreciation Month" Santa and Mrs. Claus are always welcoming! Nestled on the mountain it does get chilly and reaching some rides can break a sweat but it is definately worth it! My kids who are 2, 3 and 11 years old always have a blast! Since walking can easily make the little ones tired on my last visit I rented the red wagon but realized it was not the greatest idea since it is almost impossible to manuever up and down the mountainous walkways so i suggest a stroller for the little ones. Since they do not use money inside the park, I always make sure to bring quarters if I want to feed the animals and cash for the arcade. I always make a  pit stop at the arcade the games are only a quarter I spend only about $10 and everychild will leave with a couple of prizes. I would suggest eating before you get there because the food is not great, it is just warmed up freezer foods. If you like to enjoy a sweet treat when you visit opt for the funnel cake it was tasty!

January 20 2011
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"It's Best if you Go at Christmas Time!"

We LOVE this place!!   We've made it a tradition to go once a year sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's like being in an old fashioned little village, and everything has the feel of a country Christmas.  We love the little magic show, and always make sure we see it at least once when we're there.  The rides are great, and the visit with Santa is always fun!  You can even take your Christmas cards and mail them from there, and they will be post marked "North Pole, Colorado"  There is a little petting zoo area.  Keep in mind that this place is on a mountain, so it will be cooler up there than it is down in the city.  They offer military discounts, and anybody 60 yrs old or older gets in free.  We took Grandma and Grandpa up there when they were in town for Thanksgiving, and they had a great time!

Comment from AustinHaggard of North Pole, Santa's Workshop - June 14 2011

We are so glad you love to come and see us. To make it more affordable we always allow people to bring in their own lunch. Also check our website for $3 off per person coupons and we also have coupons in the quality connections publication that is good for buy one get one half off good up to 2 people, so you can buy 3 get one free essentially. We look forward to hopefully seeing you this season! Our season passes are very popular for those who live in state who come several times a year as well.

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January 11 2011
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"Fantastic Adventure!"

The kids absolutely love going to the North Pole.  They always have to see Santa and get their pics taken.  But their is so much more for them to do.  They have a whole section of kiddie rides and some for the adults too.  They have a few animals also.  The ferris wheel is something like the highest in the world because it is up on the mountain.  Now that will make your stomach flip when you are coming down!  It is fairly expensive to get in, but at least all the rides are included.  You just have to be careful with your punch card.  Instead of paying for anything you buy inside the park, they right is on your card.  And sometimes you don't realize how much you spent until you are paying when you leave :)

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January 10 2011
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"The North Pole is perfect for small children!"

I personally think this place is too pricey, or I would have given it 5 stars.  This is our favorite place to go for rides that are good for small kids.  Most amusement parks have a really tall height requirement for the rides, and this place was totally opposite that.  It seemed like our very small kids could go on just about anything they wanted to, and we could even ride on those things too!  It was a great family fun place!

December 23 2010
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"Who Would Have Thought?"

This is such a great idea for a theme park! It is so much fun with so much to do! My son goes often and is age 2 and can ride just about EVERY ride. Most theme parks kids that young have about MAYBE 5 rides they can ride out of the 40 or so they have. Here it is all about the kids, all about the magic, & all about the fun! He loves petting the "reindeer" and feeding them each time we go. The picture with santa is a great addition as well as the letters from santa to your little sweetie too. Very magical, very fun. Make sure to bring a jacket as it is a little chilly sometimes & afternoon showers are common. They usually last 10 minutes so its a great time to grab some yummy food then back to rides. Plenty of gift shops too!

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December 23 2010
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"If you love Christmas..."

We were quite surprised at the quality of this themed amusement park at the base of Pike's Peak!  We'd driven by it several times before we had kids and when they were young.  We finally visited when they were 6 and 8 and it was lovely!  There aren't many rides for teens and adults, but kids will love it.  I love how they use a punch/fill-in card system for purchases!  All your food, activities, and souvenirs are paid for as you leave in one big purchase.  We had fun making candles and "petting" the frozen "North Pole".  The ski lift and train were fun, too.  If you love Christmas, you really must visit.  Save your money for loads of ornaments and crafts, too!

December 23 2010
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"So sad we outgrew the North Pole"

Santa's Workshop was where grandma took my twin boys for their  4th, 5th, 6th and 7th birthday. The rides are perfect for younger kids.  Until they are about 5 or 6 most rides require an adult with them, but once they are tall enough they can do everything in the park. Their is alot of walking so have on good shoes and a stroller if needed.  It is a great place to spend the day.

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December 23 2010
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"Christmas Themed Family Fun"

We visited in November on an unusually warm day, and it was still a little chilly but the whole park seem swell shielded from most of the wind. The rides are all kid-friendly, a bit dizziness inducing, and fun. Our favorites were probably the cars and the candy cane slide. Everyone is given a card with your admission that keeps track of what you purchase at the park, at the food vendors or in the gift shops. This card you will need in order to leave, and you check out at the end. They actually send your purchases to the check out area also. We didn't realize how it worked at first, but really it wasn't an issue, the lines moved fairly quickly to check out, and we were leaving right at closing time.  Our kids already are begging to go back, and have been for quite some time. We will probably go back again this Christmastime. Oh, Check the website for coupons! Or if you are local, check the local magazine for Buy 1 get one Free coupons, and they will honor the coupon for your whole family!

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