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Museum of Aviation

Hwy 247 and Russell Pkwy, Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
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8 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments and Seasonal Events
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

8 Reviews for Museum of Aviation

August 02 2015
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"Older children will enjoy"

The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins located just outside Robins AFB is the second largest aviation museum of the Air Force. There are lots of informative plaques throughout the museum covering everything from different aviation jobs in the military to the history of folks such as the Tuskegee Airmen and Gen. Robert Scott (a local aviation celebrity). The displays of aircraft are well thought out and display educational opportunities for older children to learn many things about their favorite. There were a few interactive displays (sit in a cockpit, JSTARS simulation, videos, etc) but the plane, helicopter displays were his favorite part. The museum is free which is a plus and make this museum a good way to spend a few hours while in Middle Georgia. There is a café inside but it wasn’t open when we visited. However, there are picnic tables adjacent to the parking lot if you choose to bring a picnic lunch.

May 23 2013
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"Hours and hours of airplanes"

I live in north GA...I drove over 2 hours each way....with my preschooler and my *6* month old the dying Atlanta heat....and it was worth every second!!!

There are airplanes in 4 large hangers to capture your little one's attention.  Most are for eyes only, but there are a handful of places that children can climb into - touch, push, steer, and more. Every one makes a great photo op so bring the camera.

After about three hours of exploring, we had lunch in the cafeteria.  There are large glass windows to see planes take off...we didn't see any planes but we had a fun lunch.  If your kid needs something that you can't find on the menu - don't hesitate to ask for it.  They were very friendly and accommodating - and can make a great grilled cheese and chili cheese slaw dog (mmm.)

We spent another hour after lunch exploring the monuments outside in the lawn between the hangers. Great photos here. By that time, we were all pooped.  We could have easily spent another hour exploring the airplanes on display outdoors.

We headed back home, but next time we will make an extended trip of it.  You are right near Macon and the Children's Museum and the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

On a side note, for those of you who appreciate good southern humor.  In the strip mall just up the block from the Aviation museum is the Git R Dun laundry mat.  That kills me. I might go back just to see it again.

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February 06 2013
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"Great fun"

I can not tell you how many times my family has been to the museum, but my kids always asked to go.  The absolute favorite thing that they loved was the flight simulator. It is not open the same hours of the museum and it does cost $5 to ride.  DO NOT RIDE if you get motion sickness There are 12 different rides to choose from.  The museum does a great job restoring the planes and making it very educational.  They are always continuing to grow.  They have great summer programs and camps for kids.  My kids love to sit and buckel themselves into pilots chairs and pretend to drive the planes  

January 16 2011
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"Fun with Aviation"

My kids (and husband) LOVED the Museum of Aviation. I LOVE that it's free!!!

We've been there several times now and you can make a real afternoon (or even a whole day) of it! They have picnic areas and small swings around the outside of the museum, in addition to playgrounds, sand boxes, and more.

There are two or three hangars of airplaces and helicopters inside as well as planes and such around the perimeter of the museum itself.

The museum is free, it has a gift shop and it also has a restaurant upstairs. A wonderful experience--completely kid-friendly and easy to manuever with strollers, wagons, and more!

We love it!

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January 14 2011
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"Couldn't ask for more"

#1 It's free  #2 There's a playground  #3 It's a museum where the children can touch just about everything, yet can't break anything!  Seriously, this stuff was made for war, so what are a few little kids going to do to hurt it?  My 3 boys love it, my 4 nephews love it, and 1 out of my 2 nieces loves it.  Their total age range is 1 -11 years.  They have a small cafe on site, but I don't really know what the pricing and quality of the food is there.  

January 13 2011
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"Overlooked gem for airplane buffs and kids"

I grew up in Warner Robins, but I never visited the museum while I lived there, even though my father worked on the base for 30 years and my grandmother volunteered in the museum.  Since I moved away and have kids, I've been two or three times, and my kids LOVE IT.  They're only 4 and 2 years old, but they love wandering around looking at the planes and climbing in cockpits.  Also:  it's free, which is maybe my favorite part.  

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January 11 2011
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"Museum of Aviation"

The museum is located in Warner Robins, Georgia right outside the Air Force Base. It is one of the largest air museums. The have 4 hangers that house history facts and a few smaller airplanes. It is very hands on for the kids. They are able to sit in some airplanes to get a feel of what it would be like to be a pilot. They can read about the types of airplanes and how many of them relate to the past. Safely behind glass you can see replicates of items from the past. On the walls you can read the stories in detail about our history. The wars, how things were invented and how it leads up to today are all included in the museum. On the outside, you are able to walk around the premises viewing the airplanes. The are much bigger than they appear from far away. You can grasp the size while standing next to it. You are able to see details of each aircraft. I would definitely make plans to visit the museum. It would make a great field trip if you are located in the area.

January 10 2011
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"Free Family Fun"

While the Museum of Aviation is certainly not my cup of tea, if you have youngsters that are into airplanes, this is a great free museum to check out.  Our daughter has visited the museum numerous times for various events (airshows, etc.) and still loves to check out the planes.  Kids can also "fly" in a "cockpit."  Don't forget your camera!

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