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Mike's Christmas Tree Farm

323 Weeks Avenue, (Long Island), Manorville, New York | (631) 874-3551
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3 Reviews
Type: Seasonal Events and Other
Ages: Ages 2 — adult
Cost: Free
Hours of operation: After Thanksgiving. Daily: 8am-4:30pm

U-cut: Douglas Fir, White Spruce, Norway Spruce,  Serbian Spruce and Blue Spruce and Others.  
Fresh wreaths and roping available.

3 Reviews for Mike's Christmas Tree Farm

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March 22 2013
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"Yearly Event"

I enjoy coming down to Mike & Matt's tree farm every year with my family. Last Christmas was our 4th year there. It is nice a outdoor experience and my kids spent over an hour trying to catch the chickens. The atmosphere and cheeriness of everyone working there is what keeps bringing me back. Try to see if you can get a tour the "Greenhouse"

October 06 2012
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"Water Your Tree Every Day"

The majority of people coming to Mikes Christmas Tree Farm are not looking to have a tree planted.  Most come in the Christmas season to choose and cut one down. If you water it EVERY DAY and take proper care, the tree can look healthy even past Christmas. It's a beautiful family experience that time of year, so come down and enjoy.

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September 22 2012
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"Norway Spruce"

We purchased an 11’ Norway Spruce with planting service for almost $200 from Mike’s Tree Farm in Manorville. We paid in cash, have a receipt. The tree was beautiful, they came as promised (October, 2011), planted and left. They didn’t stake the tree (even though it was quite a sizable spruce) and no surprise after the first wind gust the tree was down. We called them asking to fix the problem however their response was - we are extremely busy with other customers but we can give you a rope and a couple of steaks so you can fix it yourself. We went to the tree farm to pick up the stakes and … it turned out these were 1’ foot long, 1” diameter sticks, we were assured this would be enough. Needless to say the stakes didn’t do the job. During the next spring/summer the tree was barely alive and by the end of the summer it was clear it is going to die completely. We called the Tree Farm asking to replace the tree since we bought it with the planting service and the warranty but to our surprise we were informed that our warranty ‘expired’. They give only 6 months warranty which makes absolutely no sense, we planted the tree in October so 6 months would be in March, at this time it is absolutely unclear whether the tree is alive or not, it has to go through a full year. Mike (the owner) was very friendly and ’understood our situation’ and offered 30% discount on the next tree if we would decide to buy a replacement from them. Bottom line: people at Mike’s Tree farm are nice and friendly, however they don’t stand behind their products and services, in case there is an issue, you are on your own, in our case we lost almost $200 for a single tree.

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