7 Reviews of Metro Richmond Zoo

Good to have something to do

- April 2013

It is a real zoo. I think it is a little costly for children, but something nice to do to get away from the norm. Small, but big enough to get the kids worn out. You can feed the giraffes which you can't do at any other zoo I have been to and that was fun. Pack a lunch, find a bench and make it worthwhile.

Small but personal

- January 2013

The zoo is not very big, but you are able to get up close to the animals. You can feed the giraffes and the monkeys are swinging right in front of you. Not worth a long drive to get there, but if it's nearby, then it's definitely worth it. Easy to maneuver strollers or let the kids walk on their own.

Metro Richmond Zoo

- February 2011

The Metro Richmond Zoo is a touch on the small side, but offers a nice selection of animals.  One benefit of the Richmond Zoo is that you can feed many of the animals!  My family was very excited to feed the Giraffes!  

The animals were easy to spot and the appear to be well cared for.  Due to the size of the exhibits, the zoo does have  barnyard smell.  

We enjoyed the visit to the zoo, but wouldn't necessarily make a special trip back.

The zoo did appear to have several educational programs for small children.

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