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Mayfield Dairy Tour

1160 Broadway Avenue, Braselton, Georgia 30517 | 1-888-298-0396
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5 Reviews
Type: Guided Tours
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
Hours of operation: M-F 9-5; S 9-2 (last tour begins an hour before closing)

Factory tour

5 Reviews for Mayfield Dairy Tour

August 15 2013
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"Learn How Milk is Produced"

The Mayfield Dairy Tour in Braselton, is just a milk making/packaging operation.  The tour begins with a short video, before you are guided through the factory where all of the action takes place.  Nets must be worn on heads during the tour.  On the tour you'll learn what makes Mayfield Milk special.

The Mayfield Facility is closed on Wednesday and Sunday, so no tours are given these days.

There is a large gift shop that the dairy uses as a waiting area in between tours.   There is an ice cream bar that has a large variety of flavors to choose from.  The ice cream cones are large and reasonably priced.

If you’re curious about what make Mayfield Milk special, or just want to learn how raw milk straight from the cow is pasteurized for us to purchase in the store, this tour is for you.  

January 11 2011
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"Great for School Aged Kids"

The Mayfield tour is great for school aged kids, not so much for babies or toddlers.  The kids HAVE to wear a hairnet so if you have a toddler that can be opinionated, you may not want to try this until they are older.  They will not let you in unless the child is wearing the hairnet due to policy.  You get to see the machines that process the milk, but no cows or ice cream.  After the tour, you can get ice cream and it's very fairly priced.  

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January 10 2011
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"It was ok"

Something to do on a hot day when you feel like having an ice cream.  Was a little disappointed that ice cream is not produced here.  You can take a little tour that show milk being produced and you come out in the gift shop of course.  Not a whole lot in there.  You can buy ice cream and sit outside where they have tables set up.  Ok to do once.

January 10 2011
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"Cute but not a must-do."

This tour has so much potential but isn't anything to write home about. Short tour that spits you out in the gift shop. You can see milk being processed but no samples and the ice cream that used to be such a good price has skyrocketed last time we were there. Spend your time doing something else.

December 23 2010
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"No cows or ice cream here!"

When driving to Virginia from Florida, we stopped overnight in Braselton, GA.  Before we hit the road the next morning we headed to the Mayfield Dairy for the tour.  The kids had a great time watching the milk spin around and see the big milk trucks pull in but they were disappointed that there were no cows (except for the big fake one out front) and this Mayfield does not produce ice cream.  When the tour starts, you watch a short video, then everyone has to don a hairnet, and you go on a brief tour of the building.  After the tour is over, you can purchase Mayfield ice cream.  They will let you taste it first and the ice cream was cheap!

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