3 Reviews of M.O.M. - Motion Odyssey Movie Ride

Fun rainy day

- December 2010

This is a fun rainy day activity.  The ride is exciting for children and often has a child's theme for the movie.  There is also fun snacks outside of the ride that the kids like.  The furniture itself is a fun place to walk around with kids especially when they are serving warm cookies!!

Fun with the Family

- December 2010

The Motion Odyssey movie is a four-story-high movie screen with forty-eight seats that have flight-simulator capabilities. What a clever idea to distract the kids while you shop for furniture! Proceeds earned from the ride go to charity, so everyone wins on this ride.
WARNING: This is a high-speed, turbulent ride; if you are pregnant or have a health issue, this is not the ride for you. However, there are stationary seats for those who wish to see the movie (you must be over 40 inches for the stationary seat as well).