Logan Canyon

400 N., Logan, UT 84321
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4 Reviews of Logan Canyon

Drive up Logan Canyon

- January 2013

Logan Canyon is beautiful in the Fall. If you are ever driving up to Bear Lake, take the Logan Canyon scenic drive rather than the Evanston, WY drive. It takes maybe 30 minutes longer, but it is so beautiful. The leaves are vibrant, the trees are so green, the rivers are spectacular, and nature shines in its beauty. It is a beautiful scenic drive. Stop by Beaver Mountain if you'd like to take a hike!

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Logan Canyon

- February 2012

Logan Canyon was the place while I was in college.  They have some fun places to explore.  Great places to rock climb.  You can hick to the oldest tree called Old Juniper, the wind caves, or splunking in Logan Cave.    It is a great place to drive in the fall when the leave change colors.

All sorts of Outdoors Activities

- February 2012

Logan Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Utah. It offers a little bit of everything. At the base of the canyon is First Dam which has a fabulous duck pond and picnic areas. There are often people canoeing and casting reels into the water. Further up the canyon is second dam which is filled with areas for camp fires. While second dam is mostly meant as a place to hang out for a few hours at night, there are many, many camp grounds all along the canyon. The whole canyon is truly beautiful, especially in the fall when it is in brilliant shades of red and orange!

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