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Laguna Koi Ponds

20452 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, California
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4 Reviews
Type: Animals and Stores
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

4 Reviews for Laguna Koi Ponds

March 30 2015
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"some info before going"

I am a current employee of Laguna koi. The best days to bring your kids are Thusday through Sunday. I am there on Thursday and Sunday and will gladly give your children a small cup of food to feed the abundance of fish that we have. Unfortunately from Monday to Wednesday the gentleman that works there is very busy and does not have much time for activities. I will also gladly answer any questions you or your children may have.

July 17 2012
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"Cute, quick activity"

I was somehow expecting more when we made a quick stop here on a free day in Laguna Beach. This really is a store for people wishing to purchase koi for their ponds, or have a pond installed. That being said, you can still freely roam the small interior and admire all of the koi. There are a lot! More than I had thought going in! My kids liked seeing the big ones and watching them all swim around opening their large, fishy mouths. The staff was nice and just let us do our thing. It's kind of understood you don't put any hands in the water, so we just looked. It was a short visit, but still kind of cool to see all of the koi in one place. I had never seen so many or such large ones! My sons, both lovers of fish, liked it a lot.

Expect a short little visit and probably to look only, but it is certainly a different little activity if you're in the area or for anyone who likes fish. Would be great for smaller children!

March 22 2012
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"Lots of fish!"

My kids did really enjoy our quick stop to see the fish; we somehow missed the large pond in the back, although if we stop in again I will be sure to look for it.

Although others have said the staff has been very friendly, we were not offered any food, and were told to not put our hands in the water.  :(

The little ones still LOVED being able to see so many beautiful fish of all different sizes.  

December 23 2010
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"Fish tanks"

This small outdoor store in Laguna Canyon has been a place I have found myself taking my young kids to on several occasions.  They love running to the back of the area to a pretty little man made pond that has hundreds of large koi swimming around.  The koi come right up to the surface, searching for food.  They even allow themselves to be petted on occasion.  The staff has been kind enough to give us some handfuls of pellets to feed the beautiful fish.  

The rest of the store is comprised of large tanks filled with a range of different sizes and types of koi to purchase.  There is a garden area designed to give ideas to the buyer of items they need and arrangements they could use for their own gardens.  My kids have traipsed across the little bridges and admired the pools here.

It's a quick stop on your way to Laguna Beach or coming home that offers some excitement and beauty.

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