Kids Town

1141 Butterfield Rd , next to Fox Bowl, Wheaton, IL 60189
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    Kids Town is an indoor playtown for kids ages six and under. More than a dozen themed play areas that feature colorful decor, costumes, accessories, and toys to stimulate imagination and fun. Free WiFi and coffee for the parents.

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2 Reviews of Kids Town

Really Cool Place

- December 2010

I am soo glad i found Kids Town!! They have thought of everything--from the little accessories for each themed room to the lounge area for the parents! It`s clean and cozy, not too big, not too small -- it`s just perfect! One of my kids has allergies but when i go there i can bring my own lunch and don't have to worry  what to get him for lunch. I also like the fact that everyone takes off the shoes :)

Kids Town

- December 2010

I was at Kids Town with my two boys last week and they had a blast! They have like 30 different costumes and all accesories belonging to them, all kinds of toys, construction room, police station, disco club, a slide, on top of all that it was super clean! I was able to see them everywhere from where i was sitting, and they had also complimentary coffee, which i think was the best part :) We are definitely going to be regular customers :)