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Kango Play Center

1565 Jefferson Rd, Suite 180, at Eagles Landing, Rochester, New York 14623
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1 Review
Type: Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $

1 Review for Kango Play Center

February 09 2011
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"Great place to take the kids!"

I love taking my kids to Kango.  Normally we meet up with friends and their kids, and we all have a great time.  The way it's set up you can sit at your table in the middle of the large room, and see almost everything from there.  We feel comfortable letting our kids (ages 7, 6, and 3) run around to the different areas while having adult conversations because we can keep an eye on them, and they can't go anywhere (out of the building) without us.  When you first come in you pay as a family ($8/kid and free for adults), and they give you each a wrist band with matching numbers.  Before you can leave the building you have to go through the staff, and they have to check everyone's wrist bands in the group.  No one goes home with someone they didn't come in with.

What do they have?  They have the typical games such as skee-ball, basketball, etc.  All those are played with tokens, or you can purchase a card (much easier to carry around).  They have two areas where the kids can climb up to the top (on the inside), and a lot to do once they get up there (adults can climb too!).  There are two slides they can go down, or they can go from one area to the other with a "zipline."  Our kids spend most of their time going up and down, back and forth, having a great time.  There's also an area where you can roller skate or ride tricycles (whichever light is lit at the time).  It changes every so often during your visit, and you just have to watch which one it is at that time.  For the younger crowd there's a toddler area with a jump house/slide, and a mini "roller coaster," along with a few other play options.

I really can't praise this place enough.  We always meet up for lunch (yup, they have a snack bar and we love their pizza!).  There are also times when they'll have promotions (such as free admission for the family, etc), usually through Facebook.

Definitely check it out if you have younger kids (under teen) and want a fun, safe place for them to play!

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