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John's Incredible Pizza

7095 N. Cedar, Fresno, California
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4 Reviews
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4 Reviews for John's Incredible Pizza

December 23 2010
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"Not As Incredible As I Thought"

I'm probably disappointed with this place because I thought there'd be more for my toddler to do.  So I suppose if I had older children I would have given this place four stars.  
From the outside this place looks HUGE, but when you walk in it feels empty (though, this could have been because it was a week day that we went and there was practically no one there)  Also, a lot of the game equipment is spaced out, which does make it easier to spot your runaway child.  
I must say their pizza tastes pretty good, though.  But as far a a big selection in their buffet, I have been to places that provide greater variety.
One thing I really like about this place is that earning a lot of tickets from the games isn't too difficult.  And their prizes are pretty good, considering that they are just cheap little toys.

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December 23 2010
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"John's Incredible Pizzas Everywhere are Awesome"

We love going to John's Incredible Pizzas. The buffet foods are always really good, including some interesting pizza recipes like their 'famous' peanut butter pizza. My boys love to eat lots of food, then hit up the rides and games. Rides vary by locations, but some major hits are the roller coaster, disco bumper cars, and the twister.

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December 23 2010
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"The breadsticks are WORTH it!"

Oh my!  Those bread sticks are worth every penny to get into John's Incredible!  We've had our son's birthday party here and everyone in the family enjoys themselves!  The arcade is great, prizes are cool and the food is extra yummy!  The buffet prices are very reasonable and your guaranteed a great time when coming to John's!

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December 23 2010
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"Finally the perfect pizza place"

Chuck E. Cheese doesn't have anything on this place! In order to get in you must pay, but it's for the cost of a buffet meal! It's all you can get and the food is great! They have salads and mac and cheese, various pizza's, pastas and more! You have your choice of sitting arrangements and each room has a different theme and most have tvs. There are coin operated games for the young and the young at heart. Their birthday parties are great too!

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