Jackson Hole Square - Cowboy Show

25 N Cache St, Jackson, Wyoming
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Cost: Free

Upon entering downtown Jackson, Wyoming and its many unique shops, one is immediately attracted to the Town Square. Located across from the famed Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, which has been featured in a handful of Hollywood western movies, the Town Square's unique elk antler arches draw attention from droves of visitors. The centerpiece of the heart of town, the Town Square is everything from meeting place to relaxation spot.

Every evening, except Sunday, cowboys put on a free shoot-out for throngs of camera-happy tourists. The scene, which brings traffic to a halt, starts each summer night at 6:15 p.m. and has been a tradition since 1957. With dramatic players and antics, the mountain law system seems in dire need of reform. With exciting reenactments of disputing outlaws and justice officers, the sound of blanks is surprisingly loud and can be frightening for small kids.

6 Reviews for Jackson Hole Square - Cowboy Show

August 12 2012
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"Very fun, Very loud"

My three girls (7,6,2) loved this free Cowboy show in Jackson.  The actors were witty and fun to watch.  

I would like to warn a few groups of people though:
1.  Babies-Toddlers: There were QUITE A FEW terrified babies/toddlers afraid of the loud gun noises that go off repeatedly during this show- it is a shoot out.  
2.  Fearful Grown ups: My mom was not at all happy that they were pointing the guns directly to actors and directly past the audience.  She was afraid of being harmed by the blanks, as many have been.   If this would scare you, watch from a bit further off, perhaps on the covered walkway on the Southeast corner of the show.

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January 12 2011
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"Great show for a great price!"

Free!!  Make sure to get there early as it gets crowded, even in late Fall!  GREAT for kiddos, lots of action and good cowboy fun.  A great attraction in the center of the square, close the good shops.  I highly recommend getting a seat early and then hitting one of the fabulous restaurants in town.  Bubba's is great for BBQ, Billy's has great burgers... oh who am I kidding, most of the restaurants are awesome.

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January 11 2011
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"Fun to see!... If you can see it."

The cowboy show  that goes on in the middle of Jackson Hole Square is absolutely wonderful. The only negative thing is that if you don't get there early or go to the right spot, it's hard to see what's going on. In the summer tourist months, it can get very crowded, and therefore, it can be hard to actually see the show. Just be sure to get there very early to 'hold your place.' Worth seeing!

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January 10 2011
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"Jackson Hole Cowboy Show"

This is a very cute free event especially if you children have never seen a cowboy show.  My kids loved it.  The show is 365 days a year and is professionally done and choreographed and paid for by the city.  The scenery of the area adds so much to the show too.  There is a whole troop of actors that are dressed to the hilt both Indians and cowboys and they stage shootings in the middle of the street which they cord off for the event each night at 6:00 in the summer and at an earlier time in the winter.  

December 23 2010
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"A Real Live Shootout!"

My 4 yo son was in heaven at the reenacted cowboy shootout.  It takes place off to the side of the square.  The crowds get heavy during peak season, but the cowboys and cowgirls do a good job of circulating and involving the crowd.  The antler arches are something you have to see.   My son even got to take home a bullet casing from the shootout!  Located near the town square is the Million Dollar bar, famous for the saddle inspired bar stools that accompany the old west style bar.   Be sure to try Merry Piglet’s Mexican Café which, yet affordable, has some of the best Mexican fare in town.

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December 23 2010
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"Wild West Show fun for kids"

The Jackson Hole square has entrances on each corner that include an arch of antlers. You can take carriage rides around town in the summer from the square, and every night there is a cowboy wild west show starting at 6:15. Either before or after the show, head to Mountain High Pizza Pie for pizza that everyone wll enjoy.


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