1 Review of Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster - Universal Orlando

A beast of a rollercoast - we loved it!

- October 2016

The Incredible Hulk! Coaster found in Marvel Super Hero Island in The Islands of Adventure has been newly refurbished and just reopened in August 2016! There is a newly designed queue you will pass through featuring a new story line that transports you to a scientific facility centered around a massive gamma core. General "Thunderbolt" Ross is leading the experiment and you are at the center of it - a gamma-charged Hulk! You will eventually board a really sleek new vehicle and are literally whisked away!

There are loads of loops and corkscrews and just when you think you get a little break you are looped again! It was awesome!

This ride is a beast and so much fun! Minimum height requirements are set at 54" and my son loved it but suggests that you ride the Incredible Hulk with an empty stomach! Sound advice for any big roller-coaster!

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