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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

452 E Christmas Blvd, Santa Claus, Indiana 47579 | 812-937-4401
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Holiday World
11 Reviews
Type: Amusement Parks, Playgrounds & Playspaces, Seasonal Events, Stores, and Waterpark/pool
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: Open May - October. Check website for hours.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a family theme park and water park combo located in Santa Claus, Indiana.  
Ready for Launch? Experience America's first launched wing coaster, Thunderbird, as you speed from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. During your flight, you'll experience multiple loops - Thunderbird's vertical loop is the tallest on any wing coaster, rolls, twists, turns, and even rapid-fire "near misses" such as a fly-through barn.  
Holiday World celebrates Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July with rides – from mild to wild, live entertainment, games and attractions. In 2013, TIME magazine named Holiday World’s Voyage the nation’s #1 wooden roller coaster. The Voyage is part of a trio of wooden roller coasters at Holiday World known the world-over for their thrill – and fun – factor.  
Splashin’ Safari, named the Best Waterpark in the nation by USA Today, includes the two longest water coasters in the world – Mammoth and Wildebeest, numerous family raft slides and water slides, two wave pools, plus water activities for children.  
Consumers Digest magazine has twice named Holiday World the Nation’s Top Value Park: Both parks offer guests free soft drinks, free parking, free inner tube usage, free sunscreen and free Wi-Fi. And on Fridays in June and July, celebrate the start of the weekend with Friday Night Fireworks!  
Family-owned and -operated since it opened in 1946 as Santa Claus Land, Holiday World continues to focus on family fun, with special attention to friendliness and cleanliness. In fact, Holiday World has been voted the Cleanest Park on the Planet for more than a decade by the readers of Amusement Today magazine.  
Where to find the best ticket discounts? They’re always available online, at, where you’re welcome to sign up for the park’s e-newsletter, HoliBlog subscription for behind-the-scene stories and contests, plus view the many videos available in the Rides & Slides section.  
Santa Claus is in southern Indiana, with beautiful rolling hills and scenic farmland. And it’s where Santa spends his vacation, too! Santa even has his own Storytime Theater for Santa’s Storytime plus a grand green chair and magical surroundings for visiting with children in Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen.  
Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari are also about live entertainment, with musical shows throughout each day, plus a dare-devil (and comedic) high-dive show. Holidog, the park’s mascot, enjoys visiting with children, along with his pals Kitty Claws, George the Eagle and Safari Sam.  
And finally, no visit to a theme park would be complete without fun food! Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer an array of treats, from fudge and funnel cakes, to blue ice cream and giant chocolate Santa Claus statues. There’s also a full Thanksgiving dinner at Plymouth Rock Café, light and healthy fruit cups and wraps at Wildebeestro, plus special gluten-free and allergen-friendly menus, too, all listed at (hint: don’t miss the green beans and sweet potato casserole at Plymouth Rock Café!).  
For a multi-day family getaway, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer fun for all ages, with memories to last a lifetime.  

Photos and videos of all rides available at  
Also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,  Instagram and Flickr.

11 Reviews for Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

June 13 2016
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"Where comfy shoes!"

This place is always so much fun...But always make sure to bring comfy shoes for all he walking! It not you'll be sorry!

June 06 2013
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"Holiday fun and amusement park rides all in one!"

Holiday World and Splashin' Safari

Our recent trip to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari was memorable in so many ways. The theme park will always live in our hearts as the site of my daughter's first (and second and third) roller coaster rides. However, the park is memorable for so many more reasons and truly is a park made for family memories.

Holiday World:

Who said that holidays only happen once a year? At Holiday World, guests are treated to some of their favorite holiday each and every time the park is open. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and 4th of July--there is a little extra holiday for everyone! Each section has rides fitting the holiday's theme. In 4th of July, you will find the Lewis & Clark Trail where you can ride in mini antique cars. In Thanksgiving, you can ride the Gobbler Getaway on a mission to catch missing turkeys. In Halloween, you can ride the Legend, a wooden rollercoaster inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In Christmas, kids can ride up and down on Reindeer Games.

My daughter decided to begin her roller coaster riding career by riding the Legend. She loved it! After beginning with the Legend, she had a great time exploring and riding the holiday themed rides. She laughed her whole way through the Turkey Whirl, which is akin to Tilt-a-Whirl with a Thanksgiving flare. Since Reindeer Games is a ride for kids, my husband and I had fun watching her face light up as she bounced up and down. She actually had to ride the ride twice, back to back. My daughter was pretty intrepid while at the park. However, the Voyage, one of the world's largest wooden roller coasters was a little too much for her. For roller coaster aficionados, the Voyage is definitely not to be missed (it has 24.3 seconds of air time, the world's most). However, it was rough on us. The shaking got to all three of us, but there were definitely many fans of the ride when we were there!

                Tip: We learned that you may want to start       your  day in the back of the park and work your way             to the front. This way, you are working against most of the crowd and may have shorter wait times for the rides.

Splashin' Safari

In the past, I have been leery of visiting water parks. I am always afraid that all of the attractions will not be age appropriate for my daughter and that we will quickly find ourselves in meltdown city. This is certainly not the case at Splashin' Safari! A clear emphasis has been put on making the entire park family friendly. So, you will find places for kids of any age to have some splashin' fun! There are two splash bucket areas with slides of different levels. There is also a splash pad area, wave pool and a lazy river that all can enjoy. And they are even adding another splash pad to the end of the park. Of course, there are more daring rides for the older children and adults to ride. My daughter is a particular fan of Giraffica! (She went on the ride twice in a row even though the day we visited the park was a tad chilly!) As we walked through, we noticed a good mix of attractions throughout the park. This is ideal for those with real little ones because you will not find yourself in a section of the park without an age appropriate place for fun!

The water park area also has cabanas available for families. The cabanas provided for a nice place to rest from the sun or even for little ones (and big ones) to take a bit of a nap. If you plan on being at the park a full day, it may be nice to rent a cabana. The cabanas have mini refrigerators and fans. Nice! However, be warned that they are popular and you may need to reserve one well ahead of your visit!


Holiday World does have several shows throughout the day. Santa makes some appearances and has a couple of story times each day. Even though my daughter is at that age where she is wondering about Santa, she was still in awe when she saw him in the park. If you have little ones, be sure to check for the times of the show! How magical to see Santa in the middle of July! In addition to the Santa story time, Holiday World does have several other shows throughout the park. The diving show looked particularly intriguing for those who love theatrics!

                Tip: Check the show schedules when you begin your day so that you can plan your visit around the shows that you would like to see.

The Food:

When I first researched for our visit to Holiday World, I was immediately impressed by the food selection. Most parks are the same old, same old. This is not really the case at Holiday World. You will definitely find your old time favorites--my husband had to have his funnel cake in the 4th of July section. (The funnel cake was great, by the way!) However, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that Thanksgiving actually has a real Thanksgiving dinner. Although it is served buffet style, it was still a nice surprise! We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in May while we were at the park. We were a little bummed that we were full from our Thanksgiving meal, though---we missed out on some delicious-smelling BBQ!

Another thing I like--Holiday World has supplied allergen information on their website. Couple this with the nutritional information provided and you can make some sound food choices when you go to the park. (However, do recommend researching before your trip.)

A truly family park:

A family park through and through, Holiday World is not just paying lip service by calling itself a truly family park. The ability for visitors to celebrate their favorite holidays even though it may technically be months away gives the experience a warm, family feel. Plus, Holiday World has free soda and sunscreen. The free soda stations (which also include lemonade and water) are a breeze to find and are located throughout the park. So, no being caught in the middle of the park on a hot day with no beverages! Plus, you do not have to worry about toting bottles everywhere. The sunscreen is located in the water park as well as Holidogs Funtown in 4th of July. OK, parents--who has not found themselves at an outdoor venue without sunscreen! I love this perk! Another cool thing--there are lockers near rides that will not permit you to carry bags. Let's face it--parents are often loaded down with bags! Plus, the lockers are free. Also, you cannot walk around in your bathing suit in the Holiday World section of the park. The park does have staff members that gently remind people wandering to Holiday World from Splashin' Safari to change before entering Holiday World.

                Tip: Organize your day around Splashin' Safari's open hours. With a little planning, you will be able to ride the Holiday World attractions dry!

Final Impressions:

Holiday World and Splashin' Safari  provided the escape we were looking for. We had a blast on the rides and enjoyed the uniqueness of the holiday themes. We loved that we did not have to worry about porting around water bottles--water and other drinks were easily accessible at all times. The park is set up with plenty of place to move around, so you never feel packed in. There are rides for everyone--big and small, young and old. Plus, there are attractions for little ones throughout the park, not just in one section. We were definitely all smiles when we left after a day of fun and would love to go back!


We received a complimentary visit for the purpose of facilitating this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

June 01 2013
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"The best price around for family entertainment!"

Free unlimited soft drinks (or water/powerade), free sunscreen, free parking.  The only thing you have to buy here is tickets to get in and sovieners and if you want to play games.  This is the best deal for families on a budget.  One admission price gets you into both parks (the water park and amusement park).  Wonderful rides too! Our kids love it here!

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January 23 2013
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"this is my favorite!"

This is my favorite park to go to in the summer. I have been many times over the years and it never gets old. the rides are great, the place is clean and neat.
I love the free drinks and can never have enough of those. :)
People are kind and helpful. and its not too crowded where you waste to much time in line! and the water park is a MUST! :)

January 12 2011
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"Great Fun!"

we visted this last summer and had a great time. I think its great that they offer the free softdrinks all the time! We had lunch there and found that the prices were really awesome comparted to lunch at other parks. The lines are also short (we went mid July). Another great thing is that they have something to do for all ages my 2-year old loved it.

Casey King
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January 10 2011
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"What fun!"

Yes its holiday themed in parts which is kinda weird in the summer, but the kids LOVE it.  So much fun and so many free extras you cant help but to fall in love with the place!  Free soda?  Free sunscreen?  Yes please.   Really planned with a family in mind! Attractions, shows, things to look at.  What better to do on a summer day?

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January 10 2011
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"Fun! Fun!"

Holiday Word is so much fun, so many rides to have fun with and tons of great eating places. The water park is great with all their new rides and the wave pool is to much fun. I love roller coasters and they have some of the best. I also love their free drinks and free sunscreen to, you can't beat free drinks. This is a great place to go for a family or for just a group of friends to. You can't go wrong with Holiday World.

January 10 2011
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"Great Family Amusement Park"

We can't say enough about Holiday World!  Everything about it makes it an incredible family outing.  The park offers several roller coasters (all wooden) for those who enjoy that kind of thing.  Many of their roller coasters are rated some of the best in the world in different categories (length, speed, thrill, etc.)
They also have several 'kiddie rides' for those bringing little ones along.  
Their water park is comparable to that of many other larger parks around and now features a water coaster, the midwest's only!  The park is well spaced out, so it doesn't seem packed, but nothing seems 'too far' away.  
Even grandparents have been known to enjoy the food and little knick knack stores (similar to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO).  
The theme of the park says it all, you get all of the holidays at holiday world.  You can by Christmas ornaments and even see Santa Claus daily in Christmas land, you can eat a full Thanksgiving dinner (that rivals grandmas) in the thanksgiving part of the park, and Halloween is equipped with eerie music playing through its quarters.  
On top of all else, food is just as affordable as eating at a fast food restaurant nearby (and is better quality) and soft drinks are free... not just with meals, all day long!  (And you probably won't have to wait in much of a line to get one... you feel your own cup in their 'oasis', which are scattered in several places all around the park.)  
Great value!  Very clean!  Lots of fun!

January 10 2011
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This was a great little theme park!  It's a little smaller than a six flags, but it's also cheaper, and more family friendly.  It's kind of in the middle of nowhere, but worth a drive of an hour or two.  There are plenty of rides for young and old alike, and the lines are short enough that if your kids are too young to ride one you want to ride, you can take turns with your spouse!  There are also free fountain drinks and sunscreen- nice perks especially on a hot summer day!  

January 10 2011
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"Nice family park"

This was a great family park. There were rides for everyone.  There were also some shows to enjoy. For one price we also got to go to the waterpark. This was a very nice park.  We loved that we could decide how long and when to go do rides vs waterpark.  The staff was nice and the park was clean.  Free soft drinks all day. Yes free.  I do wish the park was not so far away from everything.  We had to drive a long way to eat after leaving park if we didn't want Subway.  Great value.

January 10 2011
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"Great family park!"

Holiday World is a wonderful, family-friendly park in Southern Indiana. One of their best features is that you get two parks (the amusement park and the water park) for one price. The water park alone is worth the price, as they have slides, thrill rides and a water coaster in addition to more kid-friendly water stuff. They also offer a "Heroes Discount" for for military (past and present), firefighters, police and EMS.

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