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Hebron 'Rock Colony

Old Turnpike Rd, Boone, North Carolina
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4 Reviews
Type: Nature & Gardens and Hiking & Walking
Ages: Ages 12 — adult
Cost: Free

4 Reviews for Hebron 'Rock Colony

August 26 2012
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"Good Place to Visit, but Leave Younger Children at Home"

Hebron Rock Colony is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in the high country, and I would recommend it to almost anyone.  That *almost* is an important caveat.  While some of the lower parts of HRC are relatively safe, most of the area is incredibly rough terrain.  To my knowledge, there have never been any very serious injuries in the area, but milder ones (twisted or broken ankles, shoulder injuries, etc.) aren't unheard of, and the remote area can complicate things.

If you're a confident hiker, bring footwear with good traction, and don't do anything unsafe, then you should be fine.  Younger children, though, would be incredibly limited in the parts of the Hebron Rock Colony they would be able to visit, and you would spend your time better in another area if you're bringing children under the age of around twelve.  Look up photographs of the Rock Colony if you want to get some idea of what the area looks like to see if it's right for your family.

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May 26 2012
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"Hebron Colony Rocks great adventure"

The rocks were definitely worth the hike and offered a challenge to all ages.  The map on the bottom right shows the starting point on Old Turnpike Rd. in the wrong turn.  Continue down approximately 1/2 mile further and you will see the trail head on the right as the road makes a much sharper right turn.  

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January 11 2011
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"One of my Favorites!!"

This place is soooo cool.  There is just a short hike to get to the rock colony and you and the kids will be amazed when you get to it.  There are rocks the size of houses and several waterfalls.  Words can't do this place justice so you'll just have to trust me.  Just make sure you take it slow and be careful here.  I wouldn't take really really young kids but if they are eight or older you should be perfectly fine. I've seen younger out there though.  If you go up to the top you can see where beavers have chewed down trees and there is also a dam that has been made that you can swim behind in the summer months!!!  This place is soo awesome.

December 23 2010
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"Hidden trail and rock climbing for all ages"

Hebron Rock colony is a great half day adventure for all ages.  If you can find the trail head (almost hidden at the curve of a gravel road), you're on your way to a unique find in the NC mountains.  Hebron features a short trail (0.5 mile) to a stream that features rock formations that can be traversed for another half mile.  You can make your climb as easy or difficult as you like and the challenge will suit both the young and the old.  Pack a snack or picnic lunch and spend a little extra time.

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