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Heavenly Day Care and Nursery

3860 Saddle Road, South Lake Tahoe, California | 800-HEAVENLY x 6912
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Type: Sports, Other, and Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: Ages 0 — 6
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: 8:30am to 4pm

Heavenly Child Care is a CA State licensed program.  It is the only program that provides child care for infants starting at 6-weeks through 6-years old in the Lake Tahoe Area.  Open during the winter ski season. Located at the CA Base Lodge at Heavenly Mountain Resort. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. (preferably 1-2 months in advance)    
Teacher to child ratios are low, but they also provide a nanny for a day service. Meals provided. This is a play based program with early childhood qualified teachers.    
You can choose a variety of programs:  
- Half or Full Day Care  
- Half or Full Day Ski Play Program:  includes 1 hour introduction to ski equipment and sliding  
- Half and Half Ski Program: includes 2 hours of ski clinic followed by play time in the afternoon.  
- Nanny for a Day

For detailed pricing info for the various programs offered by the day care and nursery:  
What to Bring:  
Parents should provide the following items for their children  
Snowsuit or Ski Pants & Jacket  
Sweater & Hat  
Eye Protection & Sunscreen  
Waterproof Mittens  
Blanket for rest time  
Warm/Snow Boots  
Diaper Bag (if needed)  
Dry Change of Clothes  
Extra Shoes & Socks  
Specialty foods (formula, infant food, or dietary needs)  

1 Review for Heavenly Day Care and Nursery

December 23 2010
3 families found this helpful
"My 3 year didn't want to leave"

"No.....I don't want to go hommmme!" protests my 3 year old after having spent 7 hours at the Heavenly Day Care center.  Could there be any higher praise for the staff of Heavenly Day Care?  I think not.  Now you have to understand that both my kids have a history of being very attuned to why they don't like various childcare situations. To the credit of the Heavenly Day Care staff, they scored top marks from my 3 and 6 year old boys.

Security:  Excellent
Every child has all their information printed on a sticker.  There is only one access into the classroom and it's locked except when the receptionist buzzes you in.  To pick your kids up, you need a claim ticket or photo ID. It is always a relief to leave my children knowing that their safety is top priority.

Atmosphere:  Cheerful, active and calm
Like most parents arriving in the morning at a ski resort, we were flustered and stressed getting all our gear together and rallying the troops.  But my stress level immediately began to subside the moment I stepped into the reception area of the Heavenly Day Care Center.  The staff were super friendly and welcoming to the children and myself.
Upon entering the classroom, our kids were greeted by cheerful teachers ready to give one-on-one attention to the kids.  With great efficiency, the kids’ belongings (including that all so precious “lovey”) were stowed and details of individual routines noted.  

Facilities: Clean, safe, organized and age appropriate
Parents of an infant or toddler will be happy to know that there is a separate infant room.  The infant room had a warm and calm atmosphere.  The low shelves were filled with colorful age appropriate toys within easy reach of curious fingers.  I was particularly impressed to learn that all the toys at the day care are cleaned after each day with a diluted bleach solution.  Germs and viruses be gone!

The preschool and kindergarten room was more bustling.  Kids were busy at the various activity centers – reading area, building blocks, an art table and more.  There was a separate room with tumbling mats and some pretend play tents.  This room doubles as a naptime room in the afternoon. The centers were so inviting, that my 3 and 6 year old boys wasted no time and were busy exploring before I was done putting away their things.  I could barely get their attention to say good-bye, which made for a calm and easy separation.

At least once during the day, the kids get time to play outdoors in the snow within a fenced-in playground.  The playground equipment was in great condition.  Only kids who are at the day care center have access to the playground.  This ensures the safety of the kids in the program.

Staff:  Attentive, encouraging and patient
Working at a day care center where you have different kids everyday must be one of the most challenging jobs.  The Heavenly Day Care staff were nothing short of stellar.  They kept things positive, giving encouragement every chance they had.  I was struck by their genuine interest in each child.  The adult to child ratio far exceeds California standards and as a result, none of the staff appeared flustered.  In the beginning of the day, they conscientiously took notes on sleep schedules and special personal items for each child.  At the end of the day, parents are given a report card that provided details including what each child ate, how they behaved, and what their favorite activity was. I left with a sense that their needs would be well met and was delighted to be filled in on their day with a report of their behavior and discoveries.

Food:  Kid-friendly and Healthy
You can’t get more kid-friendly than Teriyaki chicken and rice.  Fruit and vegetables are purchased by the day care themselves.  They don’t guarantee that it’s organic, but hey, at least the milk is.

Ski Lesson: Lots of fun  
It was our 3 year old’s first time on skis and the 1 hour of skiing at level 1 was perfect for him.  They take the kids on a short “sleigh ride” out to the Enchanted Forest - one of three ski school areas at Heavenly. The Enchanted forest is exclusively for kids, so no out of control burly 6 ft men barreling down the slope at the kiddies.  
Our 6 year old participated in the half and half program which included 2 hours of skiing.  At age 6, 2 hours of skiing at level 1 wasn’t quite enough for him.  The next day, he participated in an all day ski school and had a blast.

Pricing:  Highest on the Mountain
How does Heavenly get away with charging a premium for just about all their services?  It’s because, their services are top class!  The Heavenly Day Care is no exception. If you want your 3 year old to try his legs on some skis, but he still takes a nap, this is a fantastic option.  If you have an infant, short of hiring a nanny, Heavenly is the only in-resort day care that will care for your child in Lake Tahoe. Make your reservations ahead of time for discounts and to avoid being disappointed.

Bottom line:
I highly recommend Heavenly Day Care especially for little ones who you’re eager to get on some skis, but can’t take a full day lesson.  It might be a little painful on your pocketbook, but it’s a wonderful program and you can have a guilt free day on the mountain knowing that your child is having a fantastic fun-filled day as well.

* The first time you drop the kids off in the season, there is a good amount of paperwork to take care of.  
* Your child must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of meds along with a list of other symptoms to attend the daycare.  Same day cancellations offer no refunds.   Less than 48 hour cancellations have a $75 service fee.
* Late fees are steep - $1 per minute.

*This review is based on a complimentary day at the Heavenly Day Care. I received no other compensation and the owner did not express any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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