5 Reviews of Haymarket Farmers’ Market

Cheapest Farmers Market in New England - and Fun

- August 2013

I LOVE markets - of all types.

On our way for lunch my brother recommended we get off and check out a Boston speciality market - Haymarket (which was actually started over 2 centuries ago where hay was the main thing to sell). Fast forward into the 21st century this market is alive and kicking and so much fun.

The prices are sooooo low I couldn't believe I was looking at gorgeous fruits and veggies for a fraction of what you would pay in supermarkets.

Apparently the produce is what supermarkets can't sell during the week, but it looked fresh.

And it's much more than just produce. They have fresh seafood, cheeses, meats and even goat meat.

Wanna see some photos:

Interesting place..lots of fun

- January 2011

The Farmers Market!! Don't miss this on Saturdays! Even if you don't buy anything it is fun to walk through and watch the vendors and locals. Some of them are real characters!! The produce is cheap, but be careful and look carefully before you buy. Prices are great and if you shop selectively you can get a real bargain. But beware of some items that are not fresh (sometimes close to rotten). Try to pick the items yourself instead of letting the vendor pick it. On nice days the seafood vendors are out and you can get some good deals here. Again look carefully, but overall I have found the seafood to be better than the produce. My daughter even talked them down on the price once! It is a crowded and busy place, so if you have little ones hang on to them and don't let them wander on their own. It gives you a real flavor of what the locals in Boston are like. We live about an hour away and sometimes take a trip in just to stock up on seafood and produce.

Cheap but busy!

- January 2011

I used to frequent Haymarket when I was younger, but with children, I'm not sure I would go.  It's very busy and hard to squeeze through. People are aggressive and rude.  But it's super cheap produce (which can sometimes be a bit iffy in 'freshness') that makes it sometimes worth the effort.  It is quite a place to see though!  

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