1 Review of Harvard Skate Park

Skate park for kids

- October 2015

We've seen this skate park tucked in the back of Harvard Park because we are there every Saturday for soccer games. We haven't seen many kids there - it's almost never busy- but there is always someone staffing the booth to the side.

My kids were really interested in checking it out. They are 9 and 6 - and the older one knows how to inline skate very well. This park only allows inline skates or skateboards - so my 6 year old learned this week to be able to go.

It was incredibly hot (100+) when we went, and there was no shade - but it was still fun. We needed to rent elbow and knee pads and they were in poor condition. The elastic was pretty stretched out so it barely worked for my girl. But they were only $1 to rent, and the entrance is free, so it felt totally worth it.

The park is entered from the top of a ramp, and by going towards the right side, they went down a less steep ramp than the first drop in. But it was steep and fast for them! But they loved it.

Our fun lasted for about 30 minutes and then they were all done, but that's mostly because it was hot and new for them. We will be back for more fun.