3 Reviews of Hammond Castle Museum

Castle fun

- January 2011

This is an interesting trip, but fun and unique.  I came here on a field trip and was pleasantly surprised.  There were all sorts of things to look at and the elementary aged kids I was with were mostly interested.  There's so much to see and the tour guide was a bunch of fun too!

Fun with the Family

- December 2010

Built in 1926 by John Hays Hammond, an inventor, Hammond Castle Museum is an odd combination of the very old—bits of medieval French houses are built right into the building’s walls—and the modern, for its day: The eight-story, 8,600-pipe organ is the largest organ in a private home in the country. Most tours include a short demostration of the organ, which is now played by a computer. There are lots of other sights here, from a huge fifteenth-century fireplace to a glass-enclosed courtyard to a swimming pool that Hammond regularly dove into from his bedroom window. The Castle’s Renaissance Fair(second weekend in July) is always a high point.