Giggleberry Fair

5750 Upper York Road, Lahaska, Pennsylvania | (215) 794–4047
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8 Reviews
Type: Amusement Parks
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$
Hours of operation: Sun 10am-7pm, Mon-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri/Sat 10am-10pm

Single attraction tickets also available.

8 Reviews for Giggleberry Fair

January 29 2013
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"There's no other mountain quite like it"

The only thing I know to compare it to is Chuck-E-Cheese, but if so, Chuck-E-Cheese doesn't compare. Though a good third of the arcade machines were broken, the staff are nice and reimburse you for tokens that are eaten.The carousel look like it runs a little faster than most, but doesn't feel any scarier when you're on it.

If you have toddlers they will enjoy the toddler discovery room (for kids age 1-5) away from the chaos and big kids of Giggleberry Mountain. Encouraging imaginative play, it has an old-fashion firetruck, and a water table.

For kids four and up, they should be nimble enough to fall in love with Giggleberry Mountain. It's fun to shoot nurf balls, dodge exploding nurf balls, or to just climb, explore and fly down the long steep curly slide. There is only one exit/entrance, but I preferred to pay to enter and be on the bottom floor and keep an eye on my kid. With a three year old or younger, you should be prepared to climb after them yourself through a six level maize. Because it's kid-size, you will have to crawl after little ones on your hands and knees. This can become painful fairly quickly. Great exercise and fun for little ones. Maybe not just for you.

June 09 2012
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"My family loves Giggleberry Fair"

My family loves Peddler's Village in general but the kids especially love Giggleberry Fair. My kids are 12 years old and 20 months. It is a challenge for me to find places that are age appropiate for them both. This place is fun for both of my children. When we visit Peddler's Village we usually spend 1.5 - 2 hours at Giggleberry Fair. I buy my 12 year old the pass which includes giggleberry mountain, unlimited carousel and access to the preschool area, Giggle Discovers. Two and under is free so for now I do not pay for my daughter but soon this trip will be much more expensive for us. My husband and I pay $1 each to go into the preschool play area. We usually buy a ride or two for my daughter on the carousel. We love the water table in the preschool area. My daughter has been here three times - 11 months, 16 month and 19 months. The first time we had to hold her up to the table but now she can reach it herself. If you plan to visit and use the water table bring a spare set of clothes. They do provide smocks but they don't help at all. I wish this place was closer to home or that could find something like this close to me. Besides the watertable there is a chalkboard, shuttleride, interactive area, puppet show and firetruck area with fireman's pole and a slide in the preschool area. The Giggleberry mountain area is a big climbing area with foam balls that you can shoot and play with. The arcade area is big enough and there is also skee ball. The arcade gives tickets and there are prizes. My son usually only ends  up getting a few pieces of candy. They do have a snack bar from which we have never eaten. We end up buying a soda usually which costs $2.50 and you can refill it.

November 12 2011
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"I didn't hear any giggles"

Whenever you walk into an arcade/theme park you can hear the cash register chinging and it is no different here.  

My kids happily spent an hour inside Giggleberry Mountain which has a mirror maze, ball shoots, a slide and other things to keep them occupied.  However, it cost $9.99 per child and if an adult wanted to accompany them inside it was going to cost another $6.  The kids complained it was very hot and all 3 came out very sweaty.  I did not like that if choosing not to pay the fee to go in with the kids there is not an appropriate viewing area.  There are few benches lined up outside but you cannot really see your children.  

There is a Grand Carousel that costs another $2 per person.  This ended up being a success since there was no line the operator let the kids go around a bit longer.

There is a game room with typical arcade games, however, there were more than a few Out of Order signs posted throughout.  

There is another area for smaller children that we did not investigate since it requires a separate fee.  We could see a water play table in there (and smell the chlorine well outside of the room) and it states there are arts and crafts.

There is also a snack counter that we did not purchase from.

Staff was minimal.  We noticed 3 people, the carousel operator, the snack counter worker, and the one guy at the redemption counter which was also responsible for selling the wrist bands to the attractions and the coins for the games (since the coin machines were non operating).  

December 23 2010
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"Avoid Giggleberry on Rainy Days!"

Giggleberry Fair is a fun place for kids, no matter what the weather outside is.

But be forewarned- bad weather days and certain times of day can find this place PACKED!

Fortunately, we have also been to Giggleberry when it was all but deserted- and had a blast!  The inside of the building is pretty large.  There is an arcade with a whole bunch of games and throughout the place are token operated rides.

We really enjoy the room in the back for little kids.  Kids under 2 are free and parents are $1.  Kids over 2 are around $7.  They have a ton of stuff in there to promote imaginary play- firetruck, slide, pole, costumes, stage, puppet theatre and a big water play area.

They used to have smocks for the kids to wear at the water area, but these were gone the last time we went.  Be prepared for your kids to get WET at the water area... and unless you feel like trekking across the street to the outlets to buy dry clothes, bring a spare set.

Giggleberry also has a big play area for older kids- think McDonald's playland but times 10.

A beautiful carousel is in the front- costs only a couple dollars to ride.  You can even get unlimited rides for around $5 or $6.

They sell food there- the not-so-healthy variety.. chicken fingers, ice cream, etc.  There is a decent sized place to eat with tables and chairs.

December 23 2010
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We had heard great things about Gigglebrry Fair, so we thought we would check it out.  Boy were we disappointed.  It started as soon as we walked in the door, the staff was miserable, they were so super unfriendly, we were treated as though it was a huge problem that we were there.  Most of the games were broken, or were eating you tokens so that you couldn't play.  And it was extremely dirty.  I'm sure I don't need to say, but we did not stay very long and do not plan to go back.

August 18 2014
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"Fun place to let the kids play!"

I wrote the following review for Giggleberry Fair a few years ago: "We've been to Giggleberry Fair many times with our kids both on our own and as part of a birthday party setting.  There is plenty for all ages to do.  The place is set up with different rooms for different activities and ages.  You can easily move from one area to another or just stay in one place.  There's an arcade for the older set, as well as a giant climbing area (Giggleberry Mountain) loaded with (soft) balls to blast at your friends/siblings.  There's also another room for the five-and-under set with more hands-on play involving water, wooden puzzles, a market, a stage, dress-up clothing etc.  Also, a large restored carousel operates in the open area when you enter -- which is great for all ages.  It's a fun way to let the kids blow off some steam, and the adults can enjoy the quaintness of Peddler's Village surrounding Giggleberry, as well as dine at the wonderful restaurants nearby."

Recently, I visited again, as the staff here has rebranded Giggleberry and introduced fun characters to their logo. New, card-activated arcade games have replaced the old token games. All of the games were up and working when we visited, and the card system worked well. We visited in August during the week and found it to be uncrowded. A camp group did come in when we were there, but they were well supervised, and spent their time mainly in the preschool area, while we were in the arcade. Be aware that it does get quite busy here on weekends when Peddler's Village is in full swing, so just leave yourself some more time and know you'll have to wait a bit. There are also not many places for adults to sit down.

Giggleberry offers a wristband system so that you may visit Giggleberry Mountain or ride the carousel. Cards can be purchased or reloaded at either the counter or at a machine near the arcade. We tried both of these systems and had no trouble with either one.

My boys were able to try the arcade games and each found some that appealed to them. There are sporty games, a Transformers games, games of chance, and more so kids will be able to find something they like. The height of most of the games is at their level, making it easy to hop on and play. Giggleberry also offers a cafe in the event you'd like to grab a bite to eat. There is seating specifically for cafe diners here, as well as clean restrooms.

Overall, my boys liked Giggleberry Fair and the new arcade system. There were no small tokens to keep track of and the card can be easily reloaded. The games were fun and their points could be traded in for small prizes at the end of their visit, which kids always like. I would recommend coming here to keep little ones entertained when you're in the area. Definitely try out Giggleberry Mountain if your kids like that sort of thing, as it is great for burning off steam!

*Disclosure - my boys were given a complimentary visit to Giggeberry Fair in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed here, however, are entirely our own.

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December 23 2010
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"Loved it!"

We took the kids here for the first time last month and we absolutely loved it. They had tons of arcade games for my son to play and then the carousel (which is reasonably priced) was great for my youngest daughter. I would definitely recommend checking it out. They even have an area to grab something to eat. The prices weren't as high as I expected them to be either.

December 23 2010
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"Fun with the Family"

Giggleberry Fair opened its doors in June 2001 “to provide a wholesome, quality experience for children to be both educated and entertained.” Comprising four children’s attractions, Giggleberry Fair is 10,000 square feet of family fun.
Peddler’s Village has recently restored its wonderful Grand Carousel, built in 1922 by the famous Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The carousel has been joined by Giggleberry Mountain, Discovery Land, and the Painted Pony Cafe to create Giggleberry Fair.
Giggleberry Mountain is the area’s largest and most attractive indoor obstacle course, challenging for both children and adults. The colorful two-story, six-level structure is filled with tens of thousands of soft foam “berries.” Kids fill tote bags with as many berries as they can grab and climb up through netting mazes to different levels where they can “blast” berries at their friends or reach the top of two different slides. Even adults get right in there with their kids. It’s loud, but it’s a happy loudness.
In Discovery Land, kids can explore a variety of calmer play environments. There’s a pretend farm and orchard, a mini climbing wall, a rubber-duck waterway, and plenty of games. All games are rated “green”—suitable for all ages—by the Coin-Operated Video Game Parental Advisory System.
The Painted Pony Cafe offers pizza, hot dogs, a salad bar, and other kid-friendly choices.

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