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Ghost Falls Trail

14065 South Canyon Vista Lane, Draper, Utah
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Type: Hiking & Walking
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1 Review for Ghost Falls Trail

October 17 2011
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"Nature at your doorstep"

The name may be scary, but in reality these falls were named for their ability to disappear in certain seasons based on the snowpack above.  Ghost Falls are located in Corner Canyon Regional Park along the Wasatch Mountain foothills.  This 2.9 mile loop trail hike is the most popular of all of the park’s hikes and is also regularly used by mountain bikers and horseback riders.  

Corner Canyon Regional Park is relatively new designated open space that has undergone many improvements since the city of Draper acquired this property in 2005.   Access to Ghost Falls trail is at the Coyote Hollow trailhead located near the Draper LDS temple.  There is a small cul-de-sac parking area at the trailhead which gets pretty packed on nice weather weekends.  Additional parking is available at the LDS temple, located ½ block from the trailhead.  Word of warning; this area has become an extremely popular mountain biking area.  Proper trail etiquette requires that bikers yield to hikers; however there are plenty of blind curves along the trail to be wary of.  When hiking with little ones I would suggest that an adult lead the group in order to listen for bikes up ahead.  

The trail starts off through trees, along a dry creek bed with views up to Corner Canyon.  After .28 miles the trail splits to the east along the old lower Corner Canyon road.   This is where it can be confusing as there are several trails that diverge off of the road.  The good news is that these diverging trails do continue to lead hikers eastward towards the upper canyon where the actual Ghost Falls trail north and south loops begin.  Most hikers stay on the road and then veer off to the south along the Canyon Hollow Trail (just past the gate) which will lead to the intersection of the north/south Ghost Falls loop trail (this is about mile from the Coyote Hollow trailhead).  I prefer the south loop when hiking with kids; it’s shadier and better groomed.  However, in spring I prefer the north loop as it’s more exposed to the sun resulting in a less muddy trail.  The north loop is drier, rockier and steeper.   Ghost Falls aren’t exactly spectacular; it’s just a small cascading fall.  But it’s a decent payoff along the trail.  Be sure to watch out for the poison ivy near the falls.  Much of it has been cleared out, but there is still enough that remains to ruin a fun family outing.  Note that certain areas in Corner Canyon are designated watershed areas, which means no domesticated animals are allowed.  Ghost Falls is within the watershed boundaries so no dogs or horses are allowed.  However, there are plenty of trails outside of the designated watershed area that can be enjoyed with animals.  Finally, consider geocaching in the canyon.  We’ve personally discovered four caches near the trail!

This hike can be customized to your family’s ability.  If you want to see the falls, but 2.90 miles is too much hiking for your kiddos.  Then drive along the upper Corner Canyon dirt road (as accessed from 1020 East Pioneer Road) to the Ghost Falls trailhead.  This is where the gravel road is closed off and there are some picnic tables and a primitive restroom.   You can hike 0.72 down to Ghost Falls from here.  You can also make this hike longer for more of a hiking challenge.  This can done by taking the Clark’s Trail (as accessed from the Coyote Hollow trailhead), to Brock’s Point Trail, to Canyon Hollow Trail to the south Ghost Falls Loop.  This option is approximately 4.50 miles round trip with some great viewpoints along the way.

In summary, don’t be spooked by Ghost Falls.  This is a great family friendly hike that is easily accessible with a trailhead along a paved city street.  I love that I can step off pavement, walk a few yards and stand under an arched maple tree and watch a coyote scamper away; that is pure medicine for the soul.

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