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Flintstone's Bedrock City

422 West Mt. Rushmore Road, Custer, South Dakota 57730
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2 Reviews
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2 Reviews for Flintstone's Bedrock City

February 28 2015
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"A great way to kill some time"

We visited Flinstone's Bedrock City on 6/26. My kids had a blast at the Bedrock City Theme Park. My children are 12, 10, 7 ½, 5 ½, and 2 ½. To be honest my husband and I had fun as well. It is located right in the town of Custer and a short walk from the Bedrock City Campground (separate review). It is $10 per person and children 5 and under are free. Also if you are disabled there is no fee.

Just as you walk into the theme park there is a small train to ride. This is one of the best little train rides I have been on. The train tours you through the park and takes you to the back of the lot. You are allowed to get off in Deadrock and take photos which really was a lot of fun. Then the train takes you through Dinosaur Canyon where there are dinosaurs throughout (the small plastic kind). After the train ride you can head to the playground which is a lot of fun. It is all medal so be careful that your kids don’t burn themselves. After the playground we took a few rides around in the flint mobile. Next we headed over to the buildings and the theater. The theater was showing old Flinstone's episodes. The benches in there were very uncomfortable and there was old popcorn scattered all over the floor. We watched a show in the show house and really this could have been missed. It was a very badly done mechanical performance. Afterwards there was a meet and greet of Fred and Barney. Their costumes were really worn, enough so that my 5 year old noticed.

                This was a lot of fun and worth doing if you have time and are in the area but I think it is something that could be easily skipped if you are short on time or not staying right in Custer.

July 17 2013
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"Fun for young kids! Unique park!"

This was such a convenient and fun place to take our toddler! I would completely recommend this attraction to families with younger kiddos, probably under 10-ish years old. The buildings were all barred up so that you could not go inside, but the overall effect of the whole place was neat.

We REALLY enjoyed the super cool (literally) theater after walking around a bit the A/C felt really great! It was a place to sit down, get out of the heat, have a snack (for a small fee) and watch some old Flintstone's cartoons! It was very nostalgic for me and my husband and for our son it was the first time he'd ever seen the Flintstone's! If your kiddos haven't seen the cartoon, I think exposing them to it a few times BEFORE going would really make them enjoy the park a little more. Then you can say "Look! There's Dino!" and they'll know who you mean!

All of the property and the scenes are pretty kid friendly, so your "littles" can run and enjoy being little and wild. That was a major plus of this park. Nothing to worry about breaking, no using indoor voices... Just a good time *mostly* outside. There is shade to escape to, but bring the stroller (totally accessible), water, and sunblock--most everything requires you to be out for a few hours. I'd say you can do the park and enjoy it thoroughly in less than half a day.

The playground not surprisingly, was one of our toddlers favorite stops on the property, like usual. But...Beware of the slide!! It's usually warm in South Dakota during the summer and Custer is no exception. The slide was facing a very sunny aspect and was metal, so it was a no-go for our boy and for many other kids because it was skin-searing hot! So, if you MUST use the slide, make sure to bring a jacket or towel to go down on! The playground equipment is also very well-suited for older kids, so if you have a toddler, keep a close eye if they go up the equipment! There are lots of areas that small bodies can fall through, and I'm a worrier, so I was hovering all over the playground!

The gift shop is HUGE but only about 1/4 of it pertains to Flintstone's -- a lot of it is just toys, so it may be a spot to try and avoid with the kiddos, though the exit dumps right out inside the store. So, if you aren't planning on shopping or want to avoid tantrums, you could try exiting quickly!

We had a blast spending a few hours in the park. Train and Flintstone Car rides are free. The only extra cost once you are in is the snacks at the Theater. Entrance is $10/person, BUT children under 5 are FREE! We went conveniently right over to the Bedrock City Drive In/Cafeteria after our themepark fun!

**Disclosure: We'd like to THANK the folks at Custer Chamber of Commerce and Flintstone's Bedrock City for hosting our family. We were not compensated in any other way and our opinions are 100% honest.**

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