2 Reviews of Fall River Carousel

Doran World Explorers Academy

- December 2010

Amazing! 25 children this summer and only 5 of them knew what a carousel and picnic was.
They just can't cram that experience into your basal readers these days, now can they?

Extremely clean carousel, and staff was the best. Ms. Cordeiro was a huge delight and enjoyed a crew of eager children excited to be out enjoying the city.

Picnic grounds near by at Heritage Park were clean as well, but they have certain guidelines for public use of the park. If you contact ahead of time they will supply benches, wastebins, etc. They were gracious enough to let us curl up under the shady trees!

A day to remember for sure! Pictures coming soon...

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Fun with the Family

- December 2010

Also at Battleship Cove is the Fall River Carousel, a restored merry-go-round that was moved here from Dartmouth in the early 1990s. The horses are hand-carved and handpainted. Bring a picnic lunch; there’s a nice grassy area next to the carousel.