2 Reviews of Ellison Park

A word of caution

- December 2010

This is a wonderful park, with lots of running space, trails, and a very nice playground.  It even has an ultimate frisbee coourse.  The only drawback is the fact that many people take their dogs off their leash, and park workers do nothing about it.  If your child is not fond of dogs, perhaps another park would be a better choice.

Ellison Park

- December 2010

This is a great Park but it has several entrances off of 2 roads.  If you want a great playground (see pics) you can take the first entrance on the right when coming off of Browncroft, or the 2nd entrance on the left when coming off of 590 onto Blossom.  There's a wonderful walking trail that welcomes dogs, and Frisbee Golf if you go to the entrance on N. Landing (from 590 onto Blossom, you turn left onto N. Landing, from Browncroft it's right onto it).  There are bridges, hiking trails, and large grassy areas for picnics and just relaxing. (bridge seen in pic)