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Devil's Hopyard State Park

366 Hopyard Road, East Haddam, Connecticut 06423 | (860) 873-8566
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3 Reviews
Type: Animals, Seasonal Events, Nature & Gardens, and Hiking & Walking
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

Enjoy waterfalls, bicycling, stream fishing, camping, group camping, and bird watching at Devil's Hopyard State Park.

3 Reviews for Devil's Hopyard State Park

January 10 2011
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This park is one of my favorite places to visit. We sometimes walk our dogs on the trials. But other than that they have great picnic areas and we often times get together with our extended family and have a small picnic .  The park is clean and well kept. There is one trail that takes you up to a vista- a gorgeous view of connecticut.

December 23 2010
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"Good Hiking,Camping-Far Out"

Devils Hopyard is not easy to get to but that is one of the best things about it. You can go on some great hikes and get a wonderful view of the Connecticut hillsides. Although we have never camped there it looks like many people have and the area is beautiful. we recently spent a day there in the fall and had some great bird sightings and a long Black rat snake. There were not that many people there that day so we felt very at home. There also must be a place for swimming because we ran into some wet people!!!

December 23 2010
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"Hiking, cook-outs and waterfalls - oh my!"

Devil's Hopyard. The name strikes fear into the minds of the over-imaginative. In this case, that would be me. When my husband first suggested we visit here, he had to quickly throw in an excited, "... and there's a WATERFALL!" for me to get on board.

We've now been regular visitors of DHP for over 8 years and each year, as our kids grow older, there are more activities to incorporate.

One year, there was a "witches meeting" (huh huh, in Devil's Hopyard). While I sincerely doubt the validity of those individuals being "witches" (they appeared to be more of the "dirty, but friendly hippie" variety), their songs and dances entertained even the fussiest of the familiarycerz clan (coughDadcoughcough). On other occasions, we've opted to pay the $22 CT resident fee ($32 for non-residents) for overnight camping.

For those interested in camping overnight, rest assured that you will indeed be roughing it. Consider purchasing a portable toilet or Depends undergarments and bring plenty of baby wipes.

The trails are not for the wimpy by any means. Even those marked as "Novice" or "Child appropriate" should be approached with a degree of caution (and a first aid kit handy). This is because on one side of the park, the roots of the trees have decided to live above ground. Can't blame them, the view is clearly better. Still, keep your wee ones close and remember - no one will blame you if you backtrack. Plus, there's a WATERFALL on the other side.

The trail that winds alongside the waterfall is narrow. And by narrow I mean, "one at a time, kids!". That narrow. The view is so worth it, though, and if you trust your kids under 6 to obey the safety rules you've no doubt set in place before venturing up (unlike Mama Rycerz, who didn't scope the trail whatsoever before the first attempt ...), you'll all have  a great time "oooooh"-ing over the grandness of it all.

And you might catch some teenagers practicing their cannon ball skills.

Be sure to take older kids over to the water pump near the parking lot to test their "pioneer water pumping" skills.

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