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Coney Island Boardwalk

1000 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11224 | (718) 372–0275
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7 Reviews
Type: Amusement Parks and Interesting Neighborhoods
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free
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7 Reviews for Coney Island Boardwalk

August 27 2014
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"There's a beach in Brooklyn?!"

I never knew there was a beach in Brooklyn. I had heard of Coney Island, but never REALLY knew what it was. I visited for the afternoon recently, and now I can check that off the list.

Coney Island is a nice day trip option of you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan or nearby. It's a nice way to get to the beach from the city, and combine it with a trip down the Boardwalk complete with rides. I normally go to Southern NJ to get my seashore fix, so this was new to me, but I can see the attraction for city folks.

The rides at Coney Island are a mix of old and new. the Cyclone is an original, and looks it. Some of the other rides are seriously dare-devil. You can also see the Manhattan skyline from atop at least one or two of the high rides.

The beach is free to go on (a nice change, since everything else in NYC is so expensive). It gets crowded in the summer, but not ungodly so. The waves are tame, so kids can go in and enjoy it. Get here easily via the train and hop on up to the boardwalk for food, including a hot dog from the original Nathan's. There are also shops to pick up a souvenir or two.

This place is ok for a day trip, not really somewhere I would go out of my way to visit, but fun if you're in the area and looking for a place to let kids run and play.

August 01 2011
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"Chloe wants to move in."

Seriously, Chloe thinks that being able to ride the subway to the beach is so awesome that she wants to move to Brooklyn ... We;ve gone in the spring for the past few years for an afternoon at Coney Island. We love to ride the WonderWheel (swinging car for us, please!). The girls usually ride another ride, and we pick up a slice at the little pizza place there. Or maybe some ice cream. My kids LOVE to spend a few hours on the boardwalk, even if the weather is too cold for swimming.

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January 12 2011
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"Great Beach ! And Mini Theme Park"

OK, so this beach is located in Brooklyn and is amazing. The Waves are not that harsh and strong, so it is not bad for children. Also within walking distance is a newly designed mini theme park that has a couple of rides that you can take. Of course you have to pay for them, but the beach is free. I would suggest taking the train down there because finding parking is hard. So pack a nice lunch basket and take the family and head on down.

December 23 2010
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This is a place to go if you are a tourist or you live in Brooklyn. We went to see the boardwalk and also to get a hotdog from Nathan's hotdog stand.  In the summer the boardwalk is very crowded but it is a fun place.  There are stands selling food all the way down the boardwalk and you can see the ferris wheel from the walk.  It is cheaper to take the train to Coney Island than to drive.

December 23 2010
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"Fun with the Family"

Long before the debut of Disneyland, Coney Island was the apex of the amusement park world. Once, fantasy islands called Luna Park and Dreamland dotted the boarwalk, but today Deno’s and Astroland are the sole survivors of that magical era. For a unique aerial perspective of Manhattan, climb into the 1920s Wonder Wheel or brave the wonderfully rickety Cyclone roller coaster.
There are dozens of rides for all ages here, as well as an assortment of pinball and video games at the arcade. East of Astroland is “Sideshows by the Seashore,” a tribute to the grittier circus-style shows that once graced the boardwalk. And this being the birthplace of the hot dog, you must not leave before stopping at Nathan’s Famous for some authentic Coney Island cuisine.

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December 23 2010
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"Coney Island"

Once a bustling and energetic beach resort for New Yorkers from 1900 to about 1945, it is now a bit dilapidated and depressing to visit on the off season months.  The history is still there and the rollercoasters and boardwalk all point to a grander time in bygone days.
Nathan's Hot Dogs is still there and the underwhelming store is still serving out delicious hot dogs!  
Coney Island is a nice to visit for a sense of its glory days but going out to that point in Brooklyn may not be worth it.  

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December 23 2010
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"Run down"

In a sad state of repair, Coney Island is a place to see, but not for what it purports to be.  See it for the historical value.  Get a hot dog while you are there - they are great.  Watch the kids, though.

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