Club 18 Mini Golf

9505 Third Ave, Stone Harbor, NJ
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(609) 368-4362

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    Located between 95th and 96th streets in the downtown shopping district.  Our course features different levels of holes, designed for all ages and golfing abilities.  

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1 Review of Club 18 Mini Golf


- September 2013

My kids were looking for a family miniature golf tournament and this location fit the bill for where we were.  This golf course extends multi levels, so you must be able to climb stairs.  

Most of the holes are a Par 2 or 3 so they in theory should be easy enough for everyone in the family.  We enjoyed the variety of holes.  My husband commented on the levelness of the greens and how it was easy to have an accurate shot (he is the golfer in the family).  

It's a bit pricey for a family of 5, but then again, so are most mini golf locations.  I loved the convenient location so it is an easy stop convenient to restaurants and shopping.