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Cermak Family Aquatic Center

7600 W. Ogden Avenue, Lyons, Illinois | (708) 447-0715
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5 Reviews
Type: Playgrounds & Playspaces and Sports
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $

Water playpark for kids 12 and under. From water cannons to water slides, from geisers to the lazy river, this is the perfect place for kids to enjoy summer fun! Swim diapers required for kids in diapers.

5 Reviews for Cermak Family Aquatic Center

June 18 2012
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"they don't take responsibility for their employees actions!!!"

I wish I could give this place a NEGATIVE 5 STARS!!!!

When you go here if you accidentally leave anything behind expect their maintenance crew to NOT put it in the lost & found but TO THROW IT AWAY!!!!!!

My husband accidentally left our MoBy Wrap hanging to dry on the fence because we were being harassed by a women when we were leaving with our 4 kids...

Then ALL DAY yesterday we tried to call and ask them if they had it in the lost and found but EVERY CALL went to their voice mail which was FULL... Today I called 37 times before they would answer it!

Only to be told by not one or two but THREE employees that their negligent maintenance crew would have thrown it away as a "sanitary issue" and then they REFUSED to replace my wrap!!!!!  They charge $19 PER DAY for 5 people and we have been there the 3 days before yesterday... And they REFUSE to replace an item which is the ONLY way my daughter goes to sleep as she is a PREEMIE...

The jerk manager ACTUALLY TOLD ME THAT THEY AREN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I told him he will be hearing from the BBB, news and I would be reviewing their business on EVERY REVIEW SITE I COULD FIND!!!!!

So be ware they will throw away ANYTHING they find on the deck (as admitted by 3 employees AND the manager!!!!)

July 02 2011
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"love the water park "

I have been taking my son here sense just before he turned 1 he's 3 now its a great price to get in it would be nice to be able to bring snacks in but the food there is very reasonable priced! We love it & will continue to go every chance we get. The lifeguards are very good about watching the kids and enforcing the rules!

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December 23 2010
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"I'm in love with this water park!!"

This is a great place to take your toddler... I have a 2 and a half year old and a one year old and they loved it!!!

Pros- Lazy river, pool, little water slide, water spouts and great price,

cons- strict rules (like you can't wear shorts of a tank over your bathing suit), Parents not watching there kids bug me to..

All and all this is a very nice place to take small childrren and I'm regret not going there sooner. =]

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December 23 2010
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"Nice water area for smaller kids"

This is a REALLY popular waterpark geared toward families with young children. They say that it's for kids 12 and under but I think even 8 and under is a better description. I think the deepest spot in the whole park is about 3 ft deep (in the lazy river).

It's normally pretty crowded but there's still plenty of space to lay out a beach towel and relax a little.

There's a play pad area with fountains and spray equipment, a pool area with a slide and splash spots, and a lazy river with inner tubes provided.

- The lifeguards are vigilant and rules are enforced.
- There are plenty of options to keep the smaller kids occupied.
- A snack area is onsite (no outside food/drink is allowed)

- There are a few umbrella areas but they fill up quickly so there's not alot of shaded areas.
- It's VERY popular so when it's crowded, there's a wait for the lazy river and you only get to ride around once before getting out and lining up again.
- Bathrooms are the park district standard... metal toilets (although they do get cleaned regularly, which is good)

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December 23 2010
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"Wish the splash part area was more enclosed"

This newly reopend and remodeled water park is beautiful. There are some rules they are pretty strict about and one is that all persons entering the facility HAVE to be wearing a swim suit of some kind. So parents coming just to put their kids in the splash area, need to make sure they've got their suit. I wish the fence around the splash area was fully enclosed. My advice, have 1 adult per child if you go so you can really keep close watch. There's a 1.5" depth pool area with one of those jungle gym things. And there's a lazy river with inner tubes.

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