2 Reviews of Black Hill Regional Park

Nice Large Lake to Kayak Around

- August 2014

With my daughter off to school, I took my four year old son out kayaking this afternoon for the first time. We rented a tandem kayak for an hour (only 8 dollars!) and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately, after Labor Day, the boathouse is only open on the weekdays. So, this will be the last mother-son kayaking trip until after Memorial Day.

While I was easily able to paddle my daughter around nearby Lake Needwood, the lake here is much larger and we didn't even see all the lake has to offer. You could easily spend several hours out on the lake here. The water here is clearer (and possibly cleaner) too. All the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful.

We drove past a large playground structure on our way to the lake, but it was in direct sun so we decided not stop and play. It's a large structure, but not very unique. I wouldn't come all the way out here for the playground structure.

We stopped by the visitor center after kayaking. It is a beautiful building that you can see while on the lake. The inside is equally nice. There are puzzles and books for kids, but not so many animals as there are at the nearby nature centers also run by the county.

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Good afternoon outing

- December 2010

My family visited this park in September 2009 on a whim and totally enjoyed it.  This park has a playground for the little ones and offers boating, fishing, camping, nature programs and tours of the lake.   While we were there, our kids enjoyed the playground then we went on a tour of the lake.  While on our tour of the lake we were able to see our first American Bald Eagle.  Totally amazing.
Great things about the park:
Not too crowded (at least at that time)
Offers nature programs that would be perfect for home-schooling parents
The tours teach a lot about the animals that live in the area

Not so good things about the park:
Not accessible by public transportation