Beetle Rock

Highway 198, Sequoia National Park, California
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1 Review
Type: Nature & Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

A large open area of smooth granite with ridges and bumps.  Great views to the west of the Central Valley, all the way to the Coastal Range (100 miles) on a clear day.

1 Review for Beetle Rock

January 01 2012
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"Great rocks to scramble on"

My kids absolutely loved scrambling on and across the Beetle Rocks.  They guessed that they got that name because the large ones (100 feet long by 20 feet wide) look like the backs of beetles.  My 11 and 9 year old scrambled far down the hill to some lower boulders that they could climb to the top of.  My 3 and 5 year old kept to the flatter rocks but had a great time crossing little "ravines" and up and down gentle slopes.

We ate our lunch out here on a warm day in December.  There was no snow and the sun warmed us to about 65 degrees.  We could see the haze of the valley below, but the coastal ranges popped their heads out across the valley 100 miles away.

Parking is difficult in the winter.  The parking lot for the Giant Forest Museum was closed, and we honestly could find no parking area except for a turnout just down the road.  We parked there and scrambled down the gully and then up the rocks.  That was pretty difficult with our little kids.  When I realized I left my sunglasses in the car, and the light was glaring on the rock, I walked down the road to the turn out and found it was much easier going and not that far at all.  That's the only parking spot I can "recommend" for the winter, but with traffic and snow, I would suggest dropping children and a parent off near the Giant Forest and then another parent parking the car.

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