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Beach 4

157151 Highway 101, Forks, Washington
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Type: Beaches & Lakes and Hiking & Walking
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

This beach is located a couple miles north of the address listed on Hwy 101. Just look for the signs for Beach 4. You must have a parks pass to park here which can be picked up at any of the National Park visitor centers.

1 Review for Beach 4

August 23 2011
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"The best tide pools I have ever seen!"

We made sure to time our visit to Beach 4 to coincide with low tide because I had read that the beach offered tide pools. We parked in the sunny lot and then walked down a short 1/4  mile trail towards through the forest and towards the beach.

When we reached the beach we were met with a thick marine layer of clouds and and trail the abruptly ended a few feet above the sand. We scrambled down some rocks and onto the sand, to take in the mystic beauty of the beach. The tide left a wide expanse of sand filled strewn with polished pebbles and bits of driftwood which my aunt and two kids were delighted to explore in hopes of finding a natural treasure. I decided to head towards a huge rocky outcropping which looked like it was normally covered in water. This is where I found tide pool heaven.

I was impressed by the size and sheer number of sea anemones which had fixed themselves to the rocks. They shared the rocks with living barnacles, mussels, crabs, and tiny fish which swam in depressions filled with salt water. I climbed further through the rocky ecosystem and suddenly found myself in the midst of a starfish colony. I have never seen so many sea stars in one place!

I grabbed my kids and aunt and showed them my fantastic find. They were eager to scramble around for themselves and take a look at what I kept referring to as "starfish mecca". They were impressed and hung around for a while but were not infinitely entertained by the pools like I was. My son had rocks that needed to be thrown into the surf and my daughter had waves to numb her toes in.

As the tide came in, I decided to move back towards dry land and wandered around huge driftwood logs that had been washed up to the cliff bases by a storm. I sat on the logs and watched the sun fight furiously with the clouds for a moment of warmth to hit the sand. Ultimately, the clouds won, as the typically do on the Olympic Coast. This wasn't the beach that my Southern California kids were used to but they seemed to enjoy this version just as well.

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