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A great way to see Helen

- June 2014

Klip klop, klip klop. We heard the hooves of the horses when we first entered Helen, and my two boys were immediately enamored.  After dinner one evening, we made our way to the corner on main street where the Alpine Carriage Company horses congregate; we were ready to ride.

We talked to a few of the horse carriage drivers; each was very friendly and laid-back, and eager to tell us about the horse they were managing that day. We settled with our driver, Roy, and climbed aboard the carriage.  

There were three bench seats in the carriage, two facing each other and another in the back.  I imagined nine people could fit in a pinch, and six could fit comfortably.  Since there were only three in our party, we had plenty of space.  It took a few moments for my oldest to try out each bench seat, but he settled on the forward-facing bench in the front with me and the toddler.

We strolled leisurely down the street while listening to Roy tell us his story about how he came to Helen, and to work for Alpine Carriage.  I was a little nervous about how my nearly-two-year old would handle the ride, but the sound of the hooves and the breeze flowing around us, combined with the relaxing pace of the horse, left him happy as could be.  Both he and big brother (5.5. yrs) moved to the front bench (while I held their arms in the transition) so that they could peer around Roy to look at the horse.

We passed our hotel (Hampton Inn) and turned at another side road near Betty’s, the old market store.  Finally, we made our last turn onto the main street of Helen.  It was a beautiful way to see the shops and sites.  I highly recommend this as a to-do when you first arrive, especially if you have never before visited Helen….it helped us to get our bearings of the town.

After about a 20-minute ride we unloaded at our starting point, and Roy gave each boy a carrot to feed the horse.  I think it was more a treat for the boys than for the horse! The toddler was pretty shy, but my kindergartner loved this experience. In fact, he told me that “watching the horse pull us and feeding her a carrot” was his favorite part of the day.

Reminder – don’t forget to tip your driver…these guys and gals are in the hot sun all day

Whether you are visiting with your family, as a couple, or on your own, you can’t skip the carriage ride with Alpine Carriage Company when in Helen.  Sit back, relax, and unwind while enjoying great views of the city. Kids will especially get a kick out of this adventure and feeding the horse! Don’t miss it!

Disclosure: Thank you Alpine Carriage Company, Roy, and his lovely horse, for the complimentary carriage ride! We were not compensated for our opinions, and they are wholly our own. You can’t miss this fun adventure.