1 Review of Adventure to Santa

New Twist on Santa

- November 2014

Every year it is a Christmas tradition to have the kid's pictures taken with Santa. Most often, the photo happens at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga so that I can combine some Christmas shopping with the photo op. This year, Dream Works has spun a new twist on seeing Santa and my kids loved it. From November 15th to December 24th (2014), DreamWorks DreamPlace has created an animated experience to find Santa.
Located in the Chaffey Town Square (where the dancing fountains usually are), our experience began entering Santa's domain, but discovering Santa was missing. Shrek appeared on the screen and let us know we would have to help him to find Santa. Our Dream Guide led us into a room to create our own sled on a tablet. Once our sled was designed, we were brought into another room that contained a large, plush Santa sled, that we promptly entered and began our ride to Santa. The sled stays still (except for some minor rocking), but the screen brings the rider down a track and up, up into the air, along with Shrek and his friends. Wind blew our hair and there wasn't anything scary throughout the presentation (except of course, if your kid just doesn't like ogres).

We stepped off the sled and entered a room where the kids could play elfish games on more tablets as we waited for our turn to see Santa. The backdrop is a beautiful red library, tastefully decorated and the Santa is our favorite. He's been the mainstay Santa at VG for years. Super friendly and could pull an answer out of my introverted 6-year-old and my "too cool for school" 10-year-old. Our photos turned out great; another year of my favorite tradition checked off the list.
The greatest part? The Adventure to Santa is FREE! Reservations required and can be done so here http://www.victoriagardensie.com/info/santa2014. There is a chance to purchase photos with Santa afterwards. This is a great way to change up the unbearable "wait in line for Santa." The biggest proof? My tweener asked to do it again!

Disclosure: I was an invited guest of A2Santa. All opinions are my own.