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"5 zip lines through the jungle with impressive views of the mountains of Yunke National Forest, plus an ecological hike through the jungle, funny and friendly guides, and one..."


    "Condado lagoon is a perfect place to enjoy SUP, kayaking, and even snorkeling. We enjoyed SUP with beautiful views of the city all around, a section of the..."

    "Kayaking to a bioluminescent bay sounds fantastic. To see water glowing from microorganisms? Yes! We love kayaking and being on the water so we made sure to..."

    "This Italian restaurant is located near La Concha Hotel in the Metro area of Condado. It is a beautiful restaurant with a large patio area enclosed with..."


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Western North Carolina Nature Center

GPP_NC says:

"The Western North Carolina Nature Center offers an opportunity to study wildlife up close in its exhibit halls and along a nice wooded trail. The center is a living nature museum that shows visitors how animals, the environment, and people work together to shape the world. The center’s World..."
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