Best Travel Trays for Kids

by: Esther Lee

You're driving and you've got kids in the back with drinks and activity books.


"MOM!!! I dropped it!"


Your heartrate rises. You reach behind the driver's seat and feel the handle of the cup. Thank God it didn't drop in a place where you can't reach.


Sound familiar? After dealing with that for a couple of months, a friend of ours gave us the StarKids Snack and Play Tray. Ingeneous product. Keeps everything for my 2-year old son within his reach which keeps him happy which keeps me happy. With it, I was able to take a 6 hour trip with my toddler from San Francisco to LA by myself without a hitch.


If you're starting to book your summer vacation, be sure to order a travel tray and make the ride fun for the kids. here are Trekaroo's top travel trays for toddlers to tweens.


Best Travel Tray for Toddlers: Snack and Play Tray ($20)


  • Fits any carseat or stroller. Many of the other travel trays don't fit my son's Britax Roundabout
  • Easy to use and collapsible - aka safe
  • Raised tray edge keeps toys and snacks from falling on the floor
  • Mesh bags on the side for drinks and books
  • Easy to clean and wash nylon material



  • Tray is made of foam so the surface is not entirely flat. Some customers complain that it's hard for a child to draw, but my son has no problems with it. He had a difficult time putting his puzzles together, but I just bring a magnetic board for him to use as a flat surface


Available at Amazon and Family Travel Gear.


Flattest Table Tray: Taby Table Tray ($20)

If your kids want a super solid surface to play on, then the CNC-KE Taby Table Tray is your best bet. The tray has a special spot for cups/bottles and a crayon holder to  help prevent spills. The plastic is light and easy to clean. It attaches via two straps and buckles hooked under the seat. Recommended for children ages 6 months to 4 years but can also be used for older children as a lap table alone.



  • Fits most car seats and strollers. Works best with car seats that have armrests
  • Light and portable
  • Smooth and flat surface
  • Easy to clean with wipes or in the sink
  • Special cup holder and crayon slots



  • No additional storage space
  • Meets automotive safety requirements, but it's hard plastic, so some parents are a bit skeptical


Get it on Amazon.


Best Lap Desk for Kids: Room It Up Lap Desks ($27+)

For older kids who don't need to have their travel trays strapped down, a simple lap desk is just what they need. The Room It Up lap trays are great because they have a hard surface to write on, funky designs with brilliant colors, and great entertainment storage space beneath the cover.



  • Fun colors and designs
  • Storage area for art materials, books, games, etc.
  • Smooth and flat surface
  • Easy to clean with wipes or in the sink
  • Special cup holder



  • More expensive which might be tough for smaller budgets


Get it on Amazon.

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