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Udder Delights

1385 E Warner Suite 103, Gilbert, Arizona | 480-507-3859
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1 Review
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
Ice-cream & Dessert

Families Like

High Chairs, Fast service, Crayons and such, Accepts Credit Cards

Artisan Ice Cream, Cheeses, and Butters all made from Farm Fresh ingredients

1 Review for Udder Delights

April 15 2015
1 family found this helpful
"Delicious Ice Cream, Cute Atmosphere"

Today I decided to go for Mother-of-the-Year and treat my 5 kids (ages 9-under 1) to ice cream at Udder Delights before dinner. From the moment we stepped in the door I loved it. Everything about this ice cream shop looks like it belongs in a small, farm town. I loved the chalkboard signs and the knick-knack decorations. Half of the tables were painted with chalkboard paint and topped with a little bucket of chalk. There were also little buckets of crayons for kids to use. My kids loved it!

Now for the ice smooth, creamy, and delicious. The flavors were so unique and the employee helping us was very helpful. She encouraged my kids and I to sample as many flavors as we wanted. I usually limit myself to one sample but she insisted we try the flavors we wanted before we ordered them so we didn't end up with something we didn't love. My son got Fruity Pebbles ice cream, which is just what is sounds like (Fruity Pebbles cereal, in ice cream). We also loved the lemon shortcake (Spring), salted caramel, and chocolate birthday cake flavors. We got the smallest size cups ("wee" size for $3) and I was pleasantly surprised with how full they were. These are Baskin-Robbins sized scoops. These cups were filled past the rim and topped with a delicious waffle cone cookie. I made my kids share their ice creams (2 kids to a cup) and Udder Delights offered to do two flavors and two cookies in each cup, no extra charge. I loved how they were trying to give us the best experience the whole time. Even if I didn't love the ice cream, I would probably go back just for the great service. Luckily, the ice cream is delicious so I will enjoy that too.

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