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Taco's Jalisco

11400 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, California 96161 | (530) 587-1131
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2 Reviews
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$

Taco's Jalisco is a great hole in the wall Mexican restaurant behind a 7-Eleven along Donner Pass Road.

2 Reviews for Taco's Jalisco

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December 23 2010
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"Best Mexican Food in Truckee"

Aside from my grandma's food, this is the best Mexican food I've found in Truckee.  Our family has lived here 14 years and we have been to many restaurants in the area.  

Hands down, Tacos Jalisco is worth the wait if you happen to show up between noon and 1 p.m.

Families who are lunching would do best to come in at 11:30 and for dinner - 5 p.m.  This allows enough time to look over the simple menu and have a place to sit once the order is put in.  The walls are colorful and there are a lot of things for kids to look at while waiting.  The place is comfortable and welcoming for families-no evil glares if some water is spilled or kids decide to walk over to the next table and say hello.

The service is quick and the plates are large.  (A burrito could be shared by two small children for sure!) Most importantly, the food is good!  For parents I recommend the Chili Rellenos and the enchiladas.  Also, the horchata is a refreshing drink for all when eating spicy food  (Rice milk with a dash of cinnamon).

After lunch you can also stroll next door to the Treat Box Bakery for an traditional bakery treat!

December 23 2010
0 families found this helpful
"Great food, good for families"

Taco's Jalisco is a great local Mexican restaurant located behind a 7-Eleven along a non-descript strip-mallish part of Donner Pass Road.  The standard fare is tasty and authentic, tacos, burritos, chile rellenos, tamales, etc.  It's not just a taco stand though, it serves up plenty of other interesting dishes.  One dish we enjoyed was the molcajetes armadillo.  No, it doesn't have any armadillo in it.  I don't think Truckee has any native armadillos.  It's a mix of beef, pork, shrimp, and cactus (without the spikes) simmered in a lava rock bowl.  It comes with tortillas, beans, and rice.  Beware, it's fairly spicy, so it's probably not good for little ones.  We also enjoyed the pescado frito (whole fried tilapia).  Our kids enjoyed the burritos (sans spicy salsa) and the nachos.  Unlike most taco places, the chips and salsa are not free.  I also did not enjoy the horchata that much, as I tend to like it a bit thicker.  The decor is nothing special, a bit dive-y, but it does have a festive quality to it, especially with the spiky blowfish hanging from the ceiling!  The restaurant itself is small and lines can get long when the ski / snowboard crowd hits it at the end of the day.  One of our favorites in Truckee.

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