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Papa Cristos

2771 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California | (323) 737-2970
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Ages: All Ages
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1 Review for Papa Cristos

April 23 2013
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"Great food. Questionable location"

There is only one reason I gave Papa Cristos a three star grade and not a five...The location.

The food is amazing and what surprised me is the son of the man who founded this restaurant, actually works there.  It's pretty great.  The ambiance is equal to the exceptional food.  After ordering your food you sit down in an area that looks like they didnt put any thought into it.  Ordinarily I find this extremely offputting, but given the family style presentation of your meal it feels more like the restaurant wanted to focus more on the food than the decor and amenities.  And, sitting in a standard card table chair with piece of melamine for a table, I honestly dont care.  

As we sat down, it started to get dark outside, the live Greek music (every Friday) started and the place got a little more lively.  The clientele shifts.  from families with children to hipsters and Hollywood agents.  I would suggest leaving prior to nightfall.  Even though there is a free valet service because parking is at a premium, it is not a place to be after dark with your kids.

I knew it was place was a hit when my Greek friend Pano Mintilo...itis (Incredibly Greek, right?) leans over to me and says.  "This is the best Greek food I've ever had and Ive been to Greece."

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