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Organ Stop Pizza

1149 E Southern Ave, Mesa, Arizona
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1 Review
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $

Families Like

High Chairs, Arcade and games

PIzzeria with Organ Performances

CASH ONLY!! ATM in Lobby.

1 Review for Organ Stop Pizza

April 01 2012
1 family found this helpful
"Unique Pizzeria"

This pizzeria had great pizza, but I doubt that is why anyone goes here. The entertainment is amazing. An organist plays an organ that also controls other intruments throughout the restaurant. He plays songs by request and a good mix of kid and adult songs. When we went it was really busy and hard to find a seat (you seat yourself), but by the time we left, around 7pm, it was clearing out. We think it would be a fun place to go just for ice cream and to enjoy the show later in the evening. The best place to sit is on the  ground floor, because then you can see the performance from wherever you are. If you sit upstairs, it is hard to see the organ unless you are close to the railing. We started at the far end of the table upstairs but the people closer left before us and our kids were able to move up front to see better. Our 6-yr-old daughter liked watching the organist, our 3-yr-old boy loved anytime they would flash the lights, and our almost 2-yr-boy enjoyed dancing. The performances last about 20 mins with 10-15 min breaks. If you bring kids, make sure you have someone to sit with the kids and someone to go get the pizza when it is ready so you don't have to leave the kids alone to go to the pick-up area (you order food right when you come in and they give you a number, then you go pick it up when your number comes up).

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