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Factor's Famous Deli

9420 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California | (310) 278-9175
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1 Review
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
Deli & Sandwiches and Breakfast & Brunch

1 Review for Factor's Famous Deli

August 31 2012
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Factor's Deli is about 3 minutes away from the Fox Studio lot.  If you bypass the overpriced valet out in front you can park in the neighborhood behind the restaurant just off Pico (pay attention to street sweeping schedules on those streets).

This place is BUSY, and on a busy street, so keep a close eye on your little ones.  This place caters to the Hollywood crowd.  There are three benefits to this.

1) You're just as likely to be seated next to Jeremy Piven as you are an agent.
2) Because it's in functional Hollywood and not touristy Hollywood, the traffic of
    gawkers and random onlookers is greatly reduced.
3) Most people are on their lunch hours and the service is mind bogglingly fast.

The time from putting your name in with the host/hostess and being seated is not more than 5 minutes.  The time from then to getting water and complimentary pickles is 2 minutes...after looking over the menu consisting of traditional deli favorites you place your and in 10 minutes, your food is at the table.  Your dining experience lasts about 30-45 minutes total and the best part is that things are swirling around the table so the kids always have something different to look at and the service is so fast that it barely gives them a chance to get bored.

If the blistering speed of service were the only reason to go to Factors, it would be good enough.  The food can't be described as anything less than an art form.  It is incredible.  Everything on the menu is amazing, but the Rueben is something to behold.

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