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Bayview Pub

407 Lincoln St, Sitka, Alaska | (907) 747-5300
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Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$
American, BBQ, Burgers, Seafood, and bars and pubs

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Fast service, Arcade and games, Accepts Credit Cards

2 Reviews for Bayview Pub

July 22 2016
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"Yelled at and shoved by owner"


My husband and I went out for my birthday for burgers and pool, it was the first time going back to the pub after being bought by a new owner. The food was terrible compared to the burgers we use to love getting there. The patties were frozen and reheated... comparable to the size and thinness of a small McDonald's patty. Not at all what you would expect when each burger is $20. They were about 2 1/2" wide and less than 1/4" thick. The bacon was obviously pre-cooked and reheated for there was no flavor to it at all. Lettuce was brown, shreaded and mushy. Then the menu describes your cheese choices... they tried to pass of fake cheese as cheddar. When our server came back we asked her if the burgers were usually that small and why they put fake cheese on when we had asked for cheddar. Ten minutes later a man who was stumbling and slurring came out and started attacking a group of ten men sitting next to us thinking it was them who asked about their food. Considering the group hadn't even received their food yet they started making fun of the guy...he looked like an idiot. Then we spoke up saying it was us with the complaint. He immediately shoved us to the side grabbed our food and told us to get out and never come back while storming away cursing the whole time all the way through the restaurant. I don't know what drugs this guy was on or how much he had already drank by 5 in the evening but it was on the verge of psychopath. After embarrassing us screaming at us not to pay he doesn't want our service we still left the full amout of the bill to be left as a tip for the servers who where great. They apologized up and down and said that it happens all the time. We were thinking the guy was a cook but were told he was the owner. After he left his wife came stomping around us also cursing and slamming things around like a psycho, all while children were around, the people sitting at the bar said she was even more crazy than the man. All things considered it was very funny and entertaining and we laughed ourselves happily out of there. I really miss the old pub and the old owners, in a small town you cant treat locals that way unless you want your business to fail.

January 26 2015
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"Awesome food, kid-friendly service."

We ate at the Bayview Pub while in Sitka during the summer. The menu proved to be a fun twist on traditional favorites (sandwiches with special sauces of fun buns, etc.) and of course an offering of fresh Alaskan seafood, as expected from any local restaurant!

The atmosphere was busy at supper but totally kid-friendly, with lots of families dining at the same time as us. The restaurant is in a sort of strip-mall type building, which has a handful of other stores and a lobby area, bathrooms, etc. It is situated upstairs and features great views of the harbor.

Our food came quickly and our server was really kind and helpful. The food and adult beverages offered are really delish. Seating is a little cramped when they are busy, so keep kids near your table to avoid getting toes stepped on or tripping folks.

We'd love to go back and enjoy the food again. It was super peaceful (even with pub-like din in the background) to enjoy a bit while look at mountains and mist across the harbor with family.

Bottom-line: We'd recommend this to families for sure - good food, fair prices, great views and kids are welcome.

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