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About Me & My Family

My verb is "to document." I have fabulous girl friends have kept me sane and laughing. I was a reckless traveller through my 20's but I sure had fun. I haven't left the country since I got married 10 years ago but I'm working on it. I have a 7 year old daughter who I've promised to take to Paris when she turns 16 and we talk about it all the time. My son is 4 and I havent decided where to take him when he turns 16. My husband has the best dry wit and we are a military family.
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adventurous, curious, relaxed, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, artsy, social_butterfly
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The Oregon Coast
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Kailua, Hawaii
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Favorite Vacation Memory
Hiking as a family up Diamond Head two years ago is one of my many favorite memories. I had my 2 1/2 year old on my back, my 5 1/2 year old doing it on her own in her ruby slippers and my non-hiking husband along with us. When we reached the top, we overlooked Waikiki and shared a moment of excitement and pride that we all did it together.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
When my daughter was 4, we spent a week on the Panhandle coast of Florida at a white sand beach. One afternoon as we were exploring, my daughter thought she was picking up a beautiful blue ribbon but instead was stung by the tail of a man of war. We had her soak her hand in warm salt water and there were a few tears, but she was a trooper and today she loves to tell everyone that she was stung by a jelly fish.
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103 Reviews

January 30 2014
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Tunnel View at Yosemite | kids travel, kids activities
Tunnel View at Yosemite
Wawona Road,
Yosemite National Park,
"Make this your FIRST stop!"
I hadn't been to Yosemite for almost 35 years, so when I drove through the tunnel and came out looking at Half Dome and the valley, I was MOVED! It was the perfect way to be reintroduced to the park. As luck would have it, we came in the evening on a winter Friday and NO ONE was there. So we just took it all in, us, the park, the view, and the golden silence. The next day we returned and tourist bussed lined the whole place, so I was thankful we had our moment the night before.
So before doing anything else, say hello to Yosemite via the Tunnel View.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 30 2014
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Ansel Adams Gallery and Photo Walks | kids travel, kids activities
Ansel Adams Gallery and Photo Walks
Yosemite Valley,
Yosemite National Park,
California 95389
"A must if at the Visitors Center"
If you are already at the Visitors Center, you have got to go next door and see this gallery. Ansel Adams was able to capture Yosemite like no one else. His works are nothing short of amazing. The front desk person was very helpful in finding me a certain print I had been looking for. My kids enjoyed the toys and books for sale and it was nice to have that distraction so I could enjoy looking at Adams works a little longer. I gave the gallery only 4 stars as little kids could grow impatient here and not allow the time to really look and appreciate the works on the wall. But I am all for exposing kids to art whenever you can, so even if its a quick swing through, it's still the chance for your kids to view some great photography.
January 30 2014
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Visitor Center - Yosemite Valley | kids travel, kids activities
Visitor Center - Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Village Loop,
Yosemite National Park,
California 95389
"Get In, Get Outdoors"
This is a very nice Visitor's Center for being just that: a place to visit and then get outdoors! As others stated, the relief map was awesome and my mom was able to show me where she used to backpack. The exhibits make you want to reach and touch (such as the differences in rocks and the footprints of animals that call the park home). My mother enjoyed watching a 90-year-old Native American woman weave a basket while she told the story of how she found herself in Yosemite. I, meanwhile was talking to the rangers about the 150th yearlong celebration of the park's grant and the activities planned. The kid's found a the statue of John Muir and hung with him for awhile.
But like everything indoors at Yosemite, enjoy it briefly and then get back outside and look up and around at the real reason you've come!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 30 2014
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Yosemite Falls | kids travel, kids activities
Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Valley,
Yosemite National Park,
"Bouldering to the Lower Falls"
During our trip we had a 70 degree WINTER so there was hardly any water falling from the lower falls. However, the beautiful easy stroll to the bridge that looks out at the falls and the majestic scenery surrounding the area, only makes me want to see them again in the summertime.
Having such little water, my kids and I were able to boulder over what usually is the river coming down from the fall's pool and hike back to the pool itself. We were not in danger of rushing water but I would not recommend doing this in springtime as I was told often that even still water in Yosemite can be deceiving.
Once we trekked over enormous rocks to get out there, we were greeted with a rainbow on the lower falls. Pretty awesome Yosemite experience.
Coming back from the pool, we found a path on the far right that was no rocks at all and much easier to scale.
All in all, the upper and lower falls of Yosemite are a MUST NOT to be missed.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 08 2014
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The Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy | kids travel, kids activities
The Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy
935 Laguna Canyon Road,
Laguna Beach,
California 92651
"Artist Daughter"
We FINALLY made it to this art festival this year. Every time I drive through Laguna I tell myself we will explore this artist's haven, and this Christmas we did it. And am I glad we did! I brought my 9-year-old budding artist daughter and we had a lovely afternoon exploring the grounds. Throughout the day we were able to see potters at the wheel, glass blowers, jewelry makers, and al fresco painters. The artists were kind and talkative and spoke directly to my daughter and gave her tips on expanding her art.
Of course the hi-lite for her was the hands-on stuff. She made a Xmas card with reindeers out of her fingerprints, designed two rings (one she put under the tree xmas morning for me), and enjoyed the petting zoo. Santa was there and available to take photos with but she didn't want to take the time to stop. Every once in awhile "snow" would fall from the sky but we missed it every time as we were at some art stall or another. I would have liked to see it as it would have been the closest thing to snow Im getting to this year, but I didn't check the schedule.
We had some great Greek food there and my daughter fell in love with the pitas! Parking is a little difficult. We parked in a remote lot but the trams weren't running that day, so we had to walk in. That was fine as it was a beautiful, sunny day, but people with smaller kids might find that cumbersome.
The festival offers free entrance to active duty military and I always appreciate that.
I could definitely see the Sawdust Winter Festival become an annual holiday tradition for us.