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My verb is "to document." I have fabulous girl friends have kept me sane and laughing. I was a reckless traveller through my 20's but I sure had fun. I haven't left the country since I got married 10 years ago but I'm working on it. I have a 7 year old daughter who I've promised to take to Paris when she turns 16 and we talk about it all the time. My son is 4 and I havent decided where to take him when he turns 16. My husband has the best dry wit and we are a military family.
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adventurous, curious, relaxed, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, artsy, social_butterfly
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The Oregon Coast
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Kailua, Hawaii
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Hiking as a family up Diamond Head two years ago is one of my many favorite memories. I had my 2 1/2 year old on my back, my 5 1/2 year old doing it on her own in her ruby slippers and my non-hiking husband along with us. When we reached the top, we overlooked Waikiki and shared a moment of excitement and pride that we all did it together.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
When my daughter was 4, we spent a week on the Panhandle coast of Florida at a white sand beach. One afternoon as we were exploring, my daughter thought she was picking up a beautiful blue ribbon but instead was stung by the tail of a man of war. We had her soak her hand in warm salt water and there were a few tears, but she was a trooper and today she loves to tell everyone that she was stung by a jelly fish.
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July 03 2014
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J J's Fishhouse
18881 Front St,
"indoor/outdoor dining"
On the gorgeous, sunny day we arrived in Poulsbo, I knew I didn't want to spend anytime inside. At JJ's Fishhouse, garage doors roll up to bring the outside in. If the outdoor dining is full (as it was on the day we ate there), the rolled up doors bring in the sun.
The kid's menu here was good and diverse (as well as inexpensive at $5 a plate). Our kids got an amazing fish and chips, along with clam chowder. Crayons and paper was offered and that kept them busy before the food came. (As did the delicious bread that got devoured as soon as it hit the table). I enjoyed the crab cake starter with mango chutney and my sister indulged in the HALIBUT fish and chips.
The only caveat was the sticky floors, but we arrived at the end of the lunch rush, so I know any place with sauces can get that way at the end of the shift. Good beer here too!
July 03 2014
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Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream
917 E Pine St ,
Washington 98122
Even on a rainy or overcast day, Molly Moon's is a sweet treat not to be missed. And don't go basic. Do the toppings. I got the hot fudge poured on my salted carmel ice-cream and it was divine. The ice-cream is rich and pure tasting and we didn't need large amounts to feel indulgent. My son proclaimed it was the best mint ice-cream he ever had, and I would love to go back just to try more flavors. If only I didn't need to get back on a plane to do so...
July 03 2014
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Seattle Center | kids travel, kids activities
Seattle Center
305 Harrison St,
Washington 98109
"Take a load off"
We sat down at the fountain in the Seattle Center just to "rest up for a bit" and we didn't leave for a couple of hours. Between my sister and I, our four kids just needed to run and this was the place for it. The fountain entertained us with different music shows set to the dancing water. One such show was set to music of Seattle artist so this Gen Xer enjoyed some good Pearl Jam's "Evenflow" while letting her kids run from the massive fountain. At times, the fountain shoots up like a cannon (ala the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas). When my niece was 3
she was scared of the fountains, but a braver 4-year-old enjoyed herself thoroughly.
Sitting at the fountains reminded me of what it was like to travel through Europe. Sometimes it isn't about seeing everything, sometimes its about letting the experience come to you. Here at the fountain, we people-watched (the teenagers were hours of entertainment) and the young couples brought a special spark to the day.
Nearby there are two killer whale dorsal fins emerging from the grass in statue form. The kids played on those like they were the best playground in the world.
Now don't get me wrong, we did do the Seattle Needle later on and I had previously explored the EMP (fabulous), but that day it was really about the fountain. And if it's a sunny day, be sure to bring bathing suits for the kids. The water is too tempting.
If you get hungry, the Armory is near by and its filled with great food. The Mod Pizza was the best and we finished off with a mini pie at the aptly-named PIE.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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July 03 2014
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Mod Pizza
305 Harrison Street,
(Armory at Seattle Center),
"Want this in California!"
Hanging out at the Seattle Needle and International Fountain, we got hungry for lunch and headed over to the Armory. Inside there was plenty to choose from but we chose Mod Pizza, and we chose right! Here we could create our own pizza by choosing our own toppings from simple to extravagant. Two sized are available and the smaller pizza is perfect for my kid's own personal pizza. Gluten free crust is available upon request.
"Simple food for complex time" is their motto and simple doesn't mean boring. My sister swears by the Chloe Pizza, but I made my own with caramelized onions, arugala, garlic, and tomatoes. The pizzas were then oven fired, and within 10 minutes we had a pretty healthy lunch for not much money.
I got so hungry writing this, that I looked them up and they now have one in Irvine, CA. Road trip!
July 03 2014
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Pike Place Market | kids travel, kids activities
Pike Place Market
1531 Western Ave,
Washington 98101
Most has been said about Pike Market in the previous reviews, but my two cents is Peonies, Beecher's Cheese, and the Gum Wall are my must sees. I was there in June and the Peonies were stunning! I wanted to take picture after picture of them. If i was a local, I'd have fresh peonies in my house from the market weekly. Beecher's Cheese is also a must. It's phenomenal cheese, and I'm not exaggerating. Try the truffle infused cheese-lovely! And lastly, the gum wall down below the market is fun. Gross, but fun. When we went, part of the wall had been cleared, so we chewed our gum and stuck it on the wall to begin again. Watch your step-my daughter stepped in gum here. That probably happens often.
Another lesser known kid-friendly feature is the magic shop on the level below the food/flower market. Very cool stuff in there for your blossoming magician.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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