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My verb is "to document." I have fabulous girl friends have kept me sane and laughing. I was a reckless traveller through my 20's but I sure had fun. I haven't left the country since I got married 10 years ago but I'm working on it. I have a 7 year old daughter who I've promised to take to Paris when she turns 16 and we talk about it all the time. My son is 4 and I havent decided where to take him when he turns 16. My husband has the best dry wit and we are a military family.
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adventurous, curious, relaxed, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, artsy, social_butterfly
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The Oregon Coast
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Kailua, Hawaii
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Hiking as a family up Diamond Head two years ago is one of my many favorite memories. I had my 2 1/2 year old on my back, my 5 1/2 year old doing it on her own in her ruby slippers and my non-hiking husband along with us. When we reached the top, we overlooked Waikiki and shared a moment of excitement and pride that we all did it together.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
When my daughter was 4, we spent a week on the Panhandle coast of Florida at a white sand beach. One afternoon as we were exploring, my daughter thought she was picking up a beautiful blue ribbon but instead was stung by the tail of a man of war. We had her soak her hand in warm salt water and there were a few tears, but she was a trooper and today she loves to tell everyone that she was stung by a jelly fish.
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August 13 2014
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Lagunitas Brewery Company | kids travel, kids activities
Lagunitas Brewery Company
1280 N. McDowell Boulevard,
California 94954
"Kid-friendly Brewery"
I don't know if Lagunitas Brewery really wants to be known as "kid-friendly," but plenty of kids show up with their parents to eat, play, and be entertained. This is the brewery that has been known to side skirt some of the law and then name a beer after it. But with that playful attitude, it now has a similar attitude in regards to Gen X's kids (i.e. with signs on the wall that says "Kids running loose will be given a free puppy" and such).
The afternoon we arrived with our two kids, we found plenty of toddlers paddling around the outside eating area covered with picnic tables, white lights strung overhead, and the accessory of every Sonoma County person-Dogs. Music was just about to start and as we ate, fathers spun their little girls around to the band reminiscent of the Squirrel Nut Zippers.
It was a fun atmosphere and the food complemented our good mood. There wasn't a huge menu but we enjoyed all we tried. My son got the nachos and the whole table enjoyed them along with him. My daughter and I split the turkey sandwich and my niece got the Cubana. My husband had the 3 cheese gourmet mac n cheese (a great choice for kids as well).
We didn't do the tour because i think it would have taken too long for the kids, but we enjoyed our afternoon outside, drinking good beer, and watching people dance and laugh.
Come early, this place gets BUSY!
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August 13 2014
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Screamin' Mimi's
6902 Sebastopol Ave,
California 95472
"Best. Ice cream. Ever."
This little ice cream shop, though small, brings in a big crowd and can legitimately be called the best ice cream I have ever had. Located on the corner around from the square in downtown Sebastopol, a bohemian oasis of all natural foodies and life styles. And here you will find "all natural" infused in everything they do.
Vegan options include Cassis and Grapefruit sorbet, and seasonal flavors such as strawberry, pomegranate, and blackberry fudge, change with what is abundant. Mimi's Mud is ALWAYS in season and the flavor I ALWAYS get (along with another to complement it).
Ice cream comes in bowls, cones, and freshly made waffle cones. Prices are by weight so you can ask for as little or as much as you like. Coming back from the river, to wherever you are going, make sure there's time for a stop here.
August 12 2014
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Mission San Carlos Borromeo Del Rio Carmel | kids travel, kids activities
Mission San Carlos Borromeo Del Rio Carmel
3080 Rio Road,
California 93923
"The Prettiest"
By the far the prettiest of the missions we hit on our CA Mission road trip, we arrived at the mission early on a misty, over cast Sunday morning. Children's Mass was beginning at 9:15 and I was tempted to go, but the gardens surrounding the chapel lulled me in, and from there, I listened to the bells rings and watched the Father circle the chapel and enter. It was beautiful just seeing that!
This mission is ornate but not gaudy. Even the graves, lined with abalone shells sparkle but in a very demure way. While exploring, I felt a little strange that this was someones house of worship and I was looming around but we happened upon a back building where a local parishioner was setting up a greeting station and kindly offered my kids donuts and me more info on the mission. Because it was Sunday, the mission was free entrance (but donations accepted).
The courtyard was like no other. A small tent was begin set up to sell local, organic produce. A fountain with sayings from Father Serra takes up one corner, and another corner has a small statue of his small frame. A cross stands in the place where the first of the mission was erected. Father Serra is buried under the altar in the chapel and a small museum contains more attributes to him.
This truly is a lovely place to visit and I am glad we were able to see it in its working glory.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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August 12 2014
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Sonoma State Historic Park | kids travel, kids activities
Sonoma State Historic Park
363 3rd Street West,
California 95476
"The Most Historic of the Missions We Saw"
I grew up in Sonoma County and sadly never went inside the Mission Solano in Sonoma…until now. Being both the last mission established, and the last mission we hit on our CA Mission road trip up the coast, this is where I learned the most. We started at the Barraks that are across the street from the mission. There is an informative video and a replica of the original Bear Republic flag. Things I learned here…
California was a republic for 23 days, apart from the US
General Vallejo established a military presence here to keep the Russians from coming down any further than Fort Ross
The cold of SF made folks at Mission Dolores in SF want to move to a warmer climate and Sonoma was just that place
History came alive here!
The mission itself is not a working church so there is no mass. Its not an ornate chapel but I liked its simplicity. So obviously this was the least "catholic" of all missions. This was also the most political of all missions we came across, talking about the realities of the plight of the Indians because of the padres cattle eating the acorn that was the staple of the Indian's diet.
In Sonoma Square there is a statue of raising the Bear Republic in the site that it happened. I had walked by the statue my whole life and never looked to see what happened there. What a shame, but never again, I would definitely go back and explore more.
Admission price to the mission, also includes admission to General Vallejo's Home in town (a few blocks off the square) and the Petaluma Adobe.
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kids travel, kids activities
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August 12 2014
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Mission San Juan Bautista | kids travel, kids activities
Mission San Juan Bautista
406 Second Street,
San Juan Bautista,
California 95045
"So Worth It!"
After leaving the Carmel Mission, heading to San Francisco, my husband went "off plan" and turned off the 101 to this mission not on our itinerary. And am I so glad he did! This is a mission so worth stopping at. One of the members of the church at Carmel suggested this mission to see because it actually has a piece of the El Camino Real Trail that the people traveled to get to each mission. He said at one point you can have one foot on the trail and one foot on the San Andreas fault. We didn't get to do that as the trail was covered in poison oak, but that didn't damper our experience.
It was a Sunday that we explored it and mass was getting out. We entered the chapel and got to see the Fathers in their robes and the congregation fellowshipping. The art work (although needs a cleaning-they are very dark from age), is amazing and the chapel is ornate compared to its white stucco exterior.

They are currently trying to renovate the mission, but in the meantime, its a lovely visit and be sure to snoop around the town of San Juan Bautista. Its as if time stopped there and much history is to be learned about within those buildings.
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kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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