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My verb is "to document." I have fabulous girl friends have kept me sane and laughing. I was a reckless traveller through my 20's but I sure had fun. I haven't left the country since I got married 10 years ago but I'm working on it. I have a 7 year old daughter who I've promised to take to Paris when she turns 16 and we talk about it all the time. My son is 4 and I havent decided where to take him when he turns 16. My husband has the best dry wit and we are a military family.
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adventurous, curious, relaxed, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, artsy, social_butterfly
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The Oregon Coast
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Kailua, Hawaii
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Hiking as a family up Diamond Head two years ago is one of my many favorite memories. I had my 2 1/2 year old on my back, my 5 1/2 year old doing it on her own in her ruby slippers and my non-hiking husband along with us. When we reached the top, we overlooked Waikiki and shared a moment of excitement and pride that we all did it together.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
When my daughter was 4, we spent a week on the Panhandle coast of Florida at a white sand beach. One afternoon as we were exploring, my daughter thought she was picking up a beautiful blue ribbon but instead was stung by the tail of a man of war. We had her soak her hand in warm salt water and there were a few tears, but she was a trooper and today she loves to tell everyone that she was stung by a jelly fish.
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103 Reviews

January 30 2014
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Mirror Lake | kids travel, kids activities
Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake,
Yosemite Valley,
Yosemite National Park,
"One of my favorites"
We did this hike in winter so I knew not to expect a watering hole (nor did I need one). But what we did do, was instead of taking the bike/paved path to the left, we took the path on the right side of the river and that made it so much more fun and adventurous. It was beautiful in the woods, even though at times you could look across and see the paved path.
When we popped out at Mirror lake, I was struck by unbelievable beauty. We climbed down to the lower pool area and the kids were able to play in snow/sand/water/boulders-Utopia! Thankfully there were restrooms there as well.
Note: If you are biking up, know that even though bikes aren't allowed to go past the lower pool area, the actual Mirror Lake is a little farther up. I watched three bikers look at the lower area, and then turn back around, never even seeing Mirror Lake. What a shame!
I guess when I was 5 I came here often when it's a swimming hole. I'd like to come back and see that once again!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 30 2014
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Ice-Skating rink at Curry Village | kids travel, kids activities
Ice-Skating rink at Curry Village
Curry Village,
Yosemite National Park,
"#1 Outdoor Ice Rink"
I now know why Trekaroo voted the Curry Village Ice Rink #1-it's awesome! I almost sent my kids on the ice without going on so that I could rest from a hike next to the outdoor fire pit, but I would have so lost out if I did. It was so much fun!
For being an outdoor rink under the shadows of Half Dome, the cost is pretty reasonable. But what made it even better is that active duty military receive 1/2 off of admission prices. Helmets are available for anyone at no cost as well.
Sessions are two and a half hours long and the music is fun and upbeat. The attendant saw my 6-year-old struggling and offered great advice on how to skate like a penguin and my son's confidence soared.
If you need to take a break, there is a great fire pit right next to the rink and a s'more kit is available for purchase to roast up some marshmallows before heading back on the ice.
We watched the sunset against Half Dome while we skated and the outdoor lights came on as the sun went down. To not over use the word-it was pretty magical!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 30 2014
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Vernal Falls | kids travel, kids activities
Vernal Falls
Happy Isle Road,
Yosemite National Park,
"Hard, but worth it"
We hiked to the footbridge as we started out a little later and trying to go all the way up would have put us coming down in the dark. Well that, and the fact that my 6 and 9-year-old were toast after the first hill. I had misread the map, so I was thinking it was a short jaunt. But because it was winter, we had to park farther away (certain roads are closed, so some shuttle stops aren't open during those months).
My kids were troopers thought and we took plenty of breaks as it seemed to be a continual uphill hike with little plateaus. But the views were gorgeous!
When we made it to the footbridge, it felt a little anti-climatic since there wasn't much water over the falls, but Im still glad we did it. I wouldn't have gone if my kids were younger because I would have been carrying them up, but beautiful hike and I'll do it again next time, just hopefully all the way up.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 30 2014
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Yosemite National Park | kids travel, kids activities
Yosemite National Park
Public Information Office,
PO Box 577,
Yosemite National Park,
California 95389
"Military Discount"
As everyone concurs here, Yosemite is a MUST SEE! And now, for active duty military, it is even easier to make this happen. Military members with an active duty ID are offered free entrance into the park for a year. This pass also covers ALL National Parks for a year form the date of first entry. That is awesome!
An additional discount for military members in the park is at the Curry Village Ice Rink. They offer 1/2 off tickets to skate at the rink for military and their dependents. Yosemite National Park honors their active duty with some great discounts!
January 30 2014
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Bridalveil Fall | kids travel, kids activities
Bridalveil Fall
Bridalveil Fall,
Wawona Road, Yosemite Valley,
"Kid-friendly intro to the Falls"
Bridalveil Falls was the first falls and hike we stopped at upon entering the park. What a great introduction to what we were going to see for the rest of our weekend! The path is paved and pretty easy to navigate with stroller or 6-year-old boy who likes to jump from rock to rock and pick up every stick. (What would take some 15 minutes to stroll, takes us 30 mins because he takes the path less taken every time). When we got to the falls, unfortunately, there wasn't much water, but that didn't stop the kids from having fun. Because of the lack of water, the kids didn't slip on rocks while climbing and the mist (as mentioned by others), didn't whip us in the face.
While there, we met a 90-year-old man who had been coming to the park and these falls since he was 10-years-old. Returning for 80 years is prove that these falls are worth traveling too!
kids travel, kids activities
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