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About Me & My Family

I am a mom of 3 wonderful little boys (one with special needs), a beautiful baby girl, and am married to the man of my dreams. I am very interested in incorporating learning into activities that we do, so a trip to the beach turns into a school field trip. Recently, we moved back to California after a brief move to Texas and feel blessed to be able to be involved in all facets of Christian Camping. Because my husband and I serve in full time ministry, we're lucky to be able to spend a lot of time around each other and our family, having exciting adventures and just living life, day by day. :)
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, structured, relaxed, independent, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, scheduled, artsy
We Just Got Back From
Japan, Lake Tahoe, Camp! (Not on the same trip though) :)
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere new where discoveries can be made! We're pretty frugal, so budget traveling is definitely the way we go. However, occationally, we do love to splurge too! :)
A Place We'd Love To Visit
Austrailia to scuba dive the barrier reef, a zero-gravity flight to experience weightlessness, ziplining and exploring a rainforest, exploring the vast glaciers in Alaska, just to name a few!
Favorite Vacation Memory
It's completely simple, but watching our 6 year old get selected to be a Jedi Knight at Disneyland. It's his "lifelong" dream and still today when someone asks him what he's going to be someday, he proudly answers, "A Star Wars Guy!"
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Right after checking into our hotel, my 4 year old threw up in the middle of the floor on the carpet, all over his jammies, his lovey, and on his little brother. Thankfully, the hotel we were staying in had a laundromat that was open late, so a few hours later, and after some carpet scrubbing, everything was cleaned up and like new.
Websites I Like:
trekaroo; facebook; craigslist; ebay; pinterest;

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218 Reviews

March 24 2015
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Murray Family Farms | kids travel, kids activities
Murray Family Farms
6700 General Beale Road,
California 93307
"We Love This Place!"
Murray Family Farms is an actual working farm, but with an eco-tourism addition. When you arrive at the farm, you walk into a large barn with produce, food, and gifts. At the cash registers you can buy entrances to the farm which include an animal garden, ball pit, giant bounce pillow, corn cannons, a ride-on train (weekends only?), and a hayride (again, weekends only). There is also a large ball throwing station and a giant rope web kids can climb on. It's laid out pretty well, so parents with multiple kids can sit in the barn and chat while keeping an eye on their kids playing in multiple areas (except for the animal garden part). We love going for the morning or afternoon and eating the fruit we pick off the trees or bushes, purchasing more, and even eating lunch outside! It's a lot of fun!
March 24 2015
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John's Incredible Pizza | kids travel, kids activities
John's Incredible Pizza
3709 Rosedale Hwy.,
California 93308
"Indoor Family Fun"
My kiddos really love spending an afternoon at Incredible John's. It costs roughly $11 per adult and $7 per child which includes admission and a lunch buffet (it's decent food) and you even have a gluten-free pizza option (which I enjoy). After eating, there are two large rooms filled with video games and a few rides, and even a toddler section for the little ones. It seems pretty safe and is fairly clean, but the highchairs look like petri dishes, so bring your own sanitizing wipes for those!
May 17 2014
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New Orleans School of Cooking | kids travel, kids activities
New Orleans School of Cooking
524 St. Louis Street,
New Orleans,
Louisiana 70130
"Unforgettably Fun Cooking Class!"
New Orleans School of Cooking offers excellent cooking classes with meal-size portions you get to devour after the class or demonstration! If your class doesn't include making pralines, BUY ONE! They are SOOOO good! We had Kevin Belton as our chef, and he was excellent...funny, knowledgeable, and unforgettable! Be sure to make a reservation in advance, and plan on going to a demonstration if you have children under the age of 12. Over 12 years can participate in a hands-on cooking class!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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May 17 2014
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Cajun Pride Swamp Tours | kids travel, kids activities
Cajun Pride Swamp Tours
110 Frenier Road,
La Place,
Louisiana 70068
"Mind-Blowingly Good Time!"
When we arrived at Cajun Pride Swamp Tours, the first thing we noticed was the beauty of the swamp and how well preserved it looked! After only searching the waters for a few minutes, we noticed an alligator relaxing peacefully in the waters while another swam by moments later! My 10-year old was absolutely thrilled to see his first alligator in the wild and that's when he became the official "alligator spotter" for our tour! After boarding the boat, my son took his place at the front and excitedly spotted gator after gator. We must have seen at least 40-50 total on our tour, and beleive me, it doesn't get tiring! About half-way through the tour, Captain Nolan pulled out a real, live gator he had hidden on the boat and passed it around for all of us to hold. It was the perfect way to cap off an amazing adventure!
kids travel, kids activities
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May 17 2014
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French QuarTour Kid's Tour | kids travel, kids activities
French QuarTour Kid's Tour
450 St. Peter Street,
New Orleans,
"Amazingly Fun For Families!"
This tour is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend it for anyone with kids ages 6-13. Jill uses maps, photos, and props to keep their attention and teach them about the history and heritage of the French Quarter. It's interesting for adults too! You must pre-book either online via the booking system or by phone or text. This really is a must do!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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