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About Me & My Family

We are a family of 5. We love to travel and to see new things. We look for a educational experience in everything we do and my we do a lot. Our kids are so used to being on the go that they have tremendous stamina. We try to plan 2 large trips every year and supplement them with weekend get-aways, staycations and a day jaunt now and again. Our kids are always wondering what the next spot will be.
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, energetic
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New Hampshire Grand and Vermont
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Rhode Island beaches
A Place We'd Love To Visit
Favorite Vacation Memory
Watching the kids lug their car seats through the airport on their first plane ride.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Two of my kids got lost at a campground in Yellowstone. My 9 year old son took his 6 year old sister on a walk to the restroom 4 sites down and couldn't find their way back. We ended up reporting them missing at the camp check in and then the search began. I was afraid of them being abducted, but also of the Grizzlies which were out in full force that summer due to the late melt. It was the worst 45 minutes of our lives. A fellow camper overheard my husband relay the story to the camp personnel and she recognized them as she returned to her site 7 loops away from ours. The ranger was called and returned them safely to us. The employees were great and it was a happy ending to a potential disaster.
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September 09 2013
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Winter Clove Inn
2965 Winter Clove Rd,
Round Top, New York
"Lots of Family Activity"
The Catskills
We wound down our summer travels with a weekend away in the Catskills at the Winter Clove Inn. I had not been to the Catskills in years and I was curious what the weekend would bring.
We live only a couple of hours from the Catskills, but as soon as we got off the Taconic Parkway in New York State we felt as if we had gone back in time. I remarked to my husband that it was a bit like the movie Pleasantville. There were acres of farmland, tidy homes and what seemed to be a main thoroughfare as we bounded through the homeland of Washington Irving, the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and Sleepy Hollow.

Winter Clove Grounds
Winter Clove was about ½ hour from the highway located on a route that takes you away from the main artery. We drove through farms (the road cut the farm in half), past many hotels and took Winter Clove Road right to its terminus at the Winter Clove Inn. We were presented with a grand white building with a LARGE front porch when we reached the end. The Inn is surrounded by a couple of out buildings, an executive golf course, many hiking trails, a brook, an outdoor pool, playground and a large expanse of rolling lawn.
We immediately saw a large group of about 20 gathered on the Southern style porch dotted with rocking chairs and tables. They were all having a great time as they waited for dinner service. The Winter Clove provides guests 3 meals a day in their colonial style dining room.

Winter Clove has a few types of rooms, but the fees are all based on the MAP (modern American plan) regardless of room section/assignment. Rooms are located in the main building, the Oaks which is an outbuilding near the stream and pool, or the Carriage House. We had an opportunity to view each type of room. The rooms in the main house are the most current in terms of décor. They are reminiscent of a colonial bed and breakfast with ensuite bath, air conditioning and lots of natural light. The Oaks also has Colonial décor with larger rooms, lots of light and a great location near the pool and away from the commotion of the main house. The rooms were a bit dated. We stayed in the Carriage House. The rooms at the Carriage House would be great for a large family and in fact many families hold their family reunions at the Winter Clove. There are 3 large rooms with tables and chairs, 2 shared baths and a small TV common area. This is the most private of accommodations, but also the most dated in terms of décor and difficult to use due to the stair climb involved, but you rarely spend time in your room here because there is so much to do. None of the rooms has its own television. At each room type the television is located in the common area and DVD’s are available to borrow. Wi-Fi is available. Cribs and cots are available on request. Room rates on based on a flat per person per night fee and children over 3 pay based on age.

Winter Clove Inn may be the oldest continually operating Inn owned by a single family. Since the 1800’s the Whitcombs have been entertaining families in the Catskills and they have got it down to a science. Families love the low key atmosphere where kids can run free and meet up with other kids to enjoy the great outdoors. We never worried about our kids as they played outside with the other children. In addition to indoor and outdoor pools, there is a tennis court, basketball court, and indoor bowling at the carriage house. There are also scheduled activities such as tennis lessons for the kids, bonfires for the guests, hayrides and more. The daily schedule of activities is posted in the main house outside the grand room where many nights there may be a kid’s movie on the community TV with popcorn for everyone! Everyone feels very at home and at ease and we know firsthand how quickly the kids all make friends. It is almost like being at camp!

Winter Clove is an all-inclusive resort for the most part. (Some activities such as bowling have a nominal fee) The food is all included at scheduled meal times at reserved tables with a dedicated service person. You get to know your server and they you. The morning breakfast always included a muffin or sweetbread along with a choice of egg or pancake/French toast and drink. We were ready for the day. Lunch is also served, however you can request that it be packed for you if your family would like to go out exploring. Pre-dinner, guests gather on the porch and wait for the doors to open. There are a couple of choices for entrees (think ham, beef, and fish) and always a kid friendly choice as well. Dessert is served after the meal. The food is tasty and homey. You don’t have to worry about bringing the children. This is not a fancy place and families are part of the fabric of the Inn.

There is plenty to do at the Inn, but should you decide to venture out the Catskills has a fair share of family activities. The Inn and its incredibly friendly staff will be there when you return; ready for some old-fashioned hospitality, your next meal and some fun activities. Families return year after year to remenisce and create some new memories.
Families Love:
Family activities
Low key atmosphere
indoor/outdoor pool
All meals included
Gracious/helpful employees
On site hiking trails

Families would like:
Improved decorating/updating
More attention to detail with housekeeping/maintainence
Key cards instead of keys
More explanation of amenities around the reosrt.

Disclosure: My family and I were provided a complementary 3 night stay at Winter Clove in order to complete this review. I was not asked to provide a specific review and all opinions are my own.
September 09 2013
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Windham Mountain Adventure Park | kids travel, kids activities
Windham Mountain Adventure Park
33 Clarence D. Lane Road,
New York 12496
"Outdoor adventure fun"
Windham Mountain Adventure Park

Windham Mountain Adventure Park is located in the Catskills near the Windham Ski Resort. We visited the park on a hot August day to take advantage of the adventure attractions.

The parking area was immense and check in was easy. To take part you must have tickets for the individual rides or a season pass. Ticket prices are steep at $5/ticket and most attractions requiring at least one ticket. If you live nearby and expect to visit more than once a season pass at $99 would be a great investment. We were required to sign injury waivers and we were on our way.

We started with the Zip Line. The friendly staff member got us suited up with equipment and helmets and we stood in a short line. We were then provided quick safety lesson. The ride itself was short, but fun. To come back to the line you must either climb the hill or do a small challenge course. Next to the head of the zip line is a Euro Bungee which my family always enjoys. Unfortunately they only had one side open so the wait was a bit long, but fun just the same. The kids jumped until they were each able to flip and of course wanted to do it again.

After some time on the Euro-Bungee we went to the Go-Karts. These carts looked nothing like the Go-Karts of my day. They were more like souped up ATV’s. My 8 year old loved this the most. She had never driven anything other than the Barbie car by herself. Driving the cart on the long dirt track gave her a sense of freedom and a grin from ear to ear. My other 2 kids enjoyed this attraction as well. Unfortunately only 1 of the kid sized carts was functioning. This made the wait longer than it should have been, but the ride itself was still fun. They also have adult sized carts for the young at heart!

The final fun of the day was the Big Air Bag jump. I was amazed of the bravery of my kids climbing stories into the air and free falling into the large inflated pillow. They wanted to do this over and over again. Each time they got more and more brave and loved it.

We really like the Windham Adventure Park. There was also a skateboarding area which we did not take advantage of. It really would have been better if everything was better functioning, but the day was still enjoyable.

Disclosure: I was provided complementary use of the park attractions in order to evaluate Windham Adventure Park. I was not expected to provide a specific evaluation dally opinions are my own.

kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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September 06 2013
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Pratt Rock | kids travel, kids activities
Pratt Rock
Highway 23,
New York 12468
"Roadside hike to rock sculpture"
Pratt Rock has been referred to as New York’s Mount Rushmore. Created in the late 1800’s there are strange and magnificent stone carvings etched into the mountain side here at a roadside park. This park is located on land once owned by Zaddock Pratt, a wealthy New York tannery mogul. The park is located on a relatively busy stretch of route 23 in Prattsville along the river where we saw many people frolicking in the water.
After we parked in one of the ample spots we began our ascent into the park. We began our hike with a short walk to a pavilion which told the story of Zaddock Pratt and his stone carvings all completed by a man he met walking through town.
The hike beyond the pavilion is relatively steep and shaded and not necessarily recommended for toddlers. Our first stop was at a monument erected to commemorate Mr. Pratt's many animal friends. Our kids were quite intrigued by this and wondered if the animals themselves were in fact buried there. A couple of them were horses, so I tended to doubt it! We moved on and were encouraged by a fellow hiker that although steep the trail was short and worth it. She was right, but we found out after that the trail is not well marked.
At a fork in the trail we decided to head left (the easier route of course) and began up the hill. AT the top we were afforded commanding views of Prattsville, the river and the beautiful valley below. We did not see any carvings??. We went up a bit more than decided to try to return to take the right at the fork and very quickly came upon the first carving.
There were coats of arms, verses, profiles, a horse and more. We spent some time marveling at these large carvings most of which have been maintained with white paint for easy inspection. Along the way we found stone cut cave rumored to be of use as a tomb for Mr. Pratt in the event of his death. It was not, and you can enter it today. There are also a few stone cut seats to act kingly in.
We enjoyed this roadside diversion. It took about 1 and ½ hours. All ages can probably make the climb, but I think the toddler warning is put in place due to the cliffs at the top and the fact that most kids will want to climb the sculptures!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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August 31 2013
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Cabot Cheese Factory | kids travel, kids activities
Cabot Cheese Factory
2878 Main Street, ,
Vermont 05647
"Cheese Lovers Paradise"
We visited Cabot Cheese Factory this summer while staying at a local dairy farm milk supplier for the Cabot Coop. We loved the idea of heling out on the farm then heading to the factory to see what happens to the milk.

While at the factory, the tour stated with a film about cheese making and imagine our surprise that our farm family were the stars of the show! We learned about the process of cheese making and actually saw the process in action.

Following the film a guide brought us onto the floor where we saw the curd and whey separation, learned a bunch of cheese facts, and saw the cheese processed and packaged for aging.

We really enjoyed the behind the scenes tour and my youngest continued to profess her love of cheese and learned about the job of cheese taste tester.

After the tour was over we entered cheese heaven where Cabot has samples of many different types of cheeses on display for tasting. We tried them all and then some! We even left with some more at the store.

This is a great place to learn about cheese and cheesemaking.
August 31 2013
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Vermont River Tubing
Route 100 ,
Vermont 05772
"River Rafting"
We floated down the river with Vermont River Tubing while staying recently at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester.
Actually the river we were on passed by the farm and the entry spot is owned by the proprietors of Liberty Hill, although they do not operate the tubing company.

The tubing was great fun. We tubed together as a family and individualy which was perfect for some mommy downtime. The river was not moving quickly so parts were quite relaxing and there were areas of semi-rapids. We even got out of the tubes and the older kids had fun swinging and jumping from a rope swing into a deeper pool. The water was 'refreshing' according to the owner which is codeword for cold...but we did get used to it.

The entire ride took about 2 hours and is dependent on water levels.Kids are required to wear PFD's and I recommend water shoes in case you need to navigate outside of your tube. the bottom can be rocky.

We shared our ride with many families on our day since it was a warmer day, but it was by no means congested.

The only problem is that you pay for the ride at one spot, follow the campany van to another spot where you park your vehicle, then board the van to travel to the entry location. Once you take the tubes to the end of the line you drop your tubes, get in your car, and drive away. This wouldn't seem like much of a problem, but at the office you are required to leave a drivers license or credit card.
Needless to say, I forgot about leaving my license and drove all the way back to Connecticut without it. They were kind enough to mail it to me, but a reminder at the end would have been a nice idea. I am sure I am not the only one that has done this.