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About Me & My Family

We are a family of 5. We love to travel and to see new things. We look for a educational experience in everything we do and my we do a lot. Our kids are so used to being on the go that they have tremendous stamina. We try to plan 2 large trips every year and supplement them with weekend get-aways, staycations and a day jaunt now and again. Our kids are always wondering what the next spot will be.
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adventurous, energetic
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Rhode Island beaches
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Favorite Vacation Memory
Watching the kids lug their car seats through the airport on their first plane ride.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Two of my kids got lost at a campground in Yellowstone. My 9 year old son took his 6 year old sister on a walk to the restroom 4 sites down and couldn't find their way back. We ended up reporting them missing at the camp check in and then the search began. I was afraid of them being abducted, but also of the Grizzlies which were out in full force that summer due to the late melt. It was the worst 45 minutes of our lives. A fellow camper overheard my husband relay the story to the camp personnel and she recognized them as she returned to her site 7 loops away from ours. The ranger was called and returned them safely to us. The employees were great and it was a happy ending to a potential disaster.
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hotwire, tripadvisor, Trekaroo

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277 Reviews

April 01 2015
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The Fisk House Bed and Breakfast | kids travel, kids activities
The Fisk House Bed and Breakfast
Delhi, New York
"Bed and Breakfast"
The Fisk House Bed and Breakfast is a fabulously restored stagecoach inn that is located in the quaint town of Delhi, NY in the Catskills.

The large house is welcoming and well-maintained. The owner lives in a house across the street so she is able to quickly attend to any needs. Otherwise you are left on your own with the exception of breakfast to enjoy all of the comforts of home.

Although the house is decorated in antiques (the owner has a fabulous antique shop right next door!), this is not a stuffy place. It has the feeling of your aunt’s special place in the country where everything is fine, but used!

The Rooms
The Inn consists of 5 bedrooms with 3 shared baths. One of the rooms has its own bath. Each room is charming and meticulously decorated with the theme of comfort. We stayed in the peach room which is the smallest of the rooms. It was plenty big enough for our mother/daughter get away. It had a small flat screen television, mirror and closest. There were 3 other double room s and 1 single. The bathrooms were large and well equipped with thirsty towels, toiletries and a hairdryer. We did have an issue with a blown fuse due to 2 hairdryers being operated at once. This was quickly remedied by the host, but it is something to keep in mind during your visit.

We were quite cozy in our room each evening and truth be told did not spend much time there. Once we retired for the evening we tried to watch television, but were too tired from our day’s events and simply fell asleep. With the door closed to the room it can get quite hot in the winter so be sure to ask the host to adjust accordingly.

The Common Areas
This house is large enough that 5 different parties felt comfortable during our stay. However, we became fast friends. It should be noted that may not always be the case. This house would be perfect for a multi-family getaway or family reunion. It is also perfect for the socially open traveling family that enjoys meeting other guests.
The common room has a television, many books and conversation piece decorations. We spent a good amount of time lounging on the comfy leather sofa examining the bear paw and the interesting books. There is a bathroom right off this main room. The house offers Wi-Fi but we did have difficulty obtaining it in most areas. No worries though. I was happy to tuck our devices away.

The kitchen is a welcoming room with butcher-block counters, a granite island and enough room for everyone to make coffee. There is a Keurig for making coffee and tea at your leisure and the host left fruit for the kids to eat.
We woke to the happy sound of tinkling sound of breakfast dishes on our first morning. Our hostess made bagels, eggs, fruit, coffee and juice for us before we headed out for a day of skiing and snow play. We all sat around a large, sunlit dining table and enjoyed each other’s company. It was nice to leave the house with full belly!

The environment
The Fisk house is located in a rural town surrounded by small villages in the Catskills. This is not a place of shopping malls and parks. Here the outdoors takes center stage with rolling landscapes, hiking, snowmobiling and skiing in winter. People that choose to come here do so with the intention of getting away from the city. The Fisk House makes it easy and comfortable!

Disclosure: My daughter and I were provided a complimentary 2 night stay at the Fisk house as guest of an “I Love New York” media trip. I was not required to provide a specific review and all opinions are my own.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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April 01 2015
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Piano Performance Museum | kids travel, kids activities
Piano Performance Museum
7971 Maine St Route23A,
New York 12442
"Play antique pianos"
The Piano Performance Museum is part of the Catskill Mountain Foundation which provides various youth educational and arts opportunities in the community. It is located in the village of Hunter in the Catskill Mountains. The foundation is involved with music, performance, craft arts and agriculture.

On a recent visit we had the privilege to check out the newly minted Piano Performance Museum. As a 4 year piano player this was a treat for my daughter. Pianos from the 18-20th century are on display and available for playing under the guidance of a friendly docent. As he said, it is rare that you might come across a piano of this age in a museum and actually be able to play it. Many of the older pianos on display at museums are no longer in playing condition. Here the pianos have been painstakingly restored and playing them is a treat.

She was able to play a piano forte from the 1700’s, a very grand Grand Piano from Yamaha and the piece de resistance; a piano owned and played by the great Liberace! The pianos line the hall in order of age and are mixed in with displays of the inner workings of the pianos showing the keys and the action, displays on the décor of pianos and examples of tuning instruments. Even though not all of the children in our croup were piano players each of them was interested in learning about the pianos and taking a stab at tickling a few ivories.

Our docent was quite knowledgeable and a good piano player as well. The sound of his playing filled the room. He told us a bit about the history of a selection of pianos and also about the history of the American versus European piano and the rise of Baldwin as a piano force.

The museum offers a few types of tours including; group tours, docent led individual tours and mini-concert tours for groups over 35 people. Next door to the museum is a small theater conducive to piano and other music concerts so if you are in the area you might what to check out what performances are upcoming.

All children should enjoy this spot, but it is especially appropriate for piano students, and school aged kids.

We were provided a tour of the Piano Performance Museum as guest of a media tour from ‘I Love New York. I was not required to provide any specific information and all opinions are my own.

kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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April 01 2015
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Maggie's Krooked Cafe | kids travel, kids activities
Maggie's Krooked Cafe
6000 Main St,
New York 12485
"Friendly Staff and Yummy Smoothies!"
Maggie’s Krooked Café is located in the picturesque ‘Painted Village’ of Tannersville, NY in the Catskills. The brightly painted buildings will announce your arrival into the village. Maggie’s has a primo spot on the village thoroughfare.

The restaurant is decorated with creative art, books and local information. The service was friendly albeit slow and confused. Our server seemed a bit overwhelmed with our group but was very genial. It was also quite chilly in the restaurant. We never took our coats off.

Maggie’s Krooked Café is a funky, family friendly spot with an extensive menu. Breakfast can be served at any time and the menu is quite creative. Maggie greeted us with a tasty smoothie concoction she created for the kids that day. My daughter thought it tasted like strawberries and mango and really enjoyed it.

I chose from the breakfast menu and my daughter from the lunch menu at our outing. I ordered the Krooked Rancheros with salsa, grilled vegetables, and cheese. It was a large portion and I was unable to finish it. My daughter decided on the cheeseburger which was large and served with home fries. Both were tasty and filling.
After looking at all of the giant muffins, my daughter finished up with a large black and white cookie which was so big she was able to save some for later.

We would give Maggie’s another try if we were in the area again.

Disclosure: My daughter and I were provided a complimentary meal at Maggie’s Krooked Café as guests of an “I love New York” media trip. I was not required to provide any specific review and all opinions are my own.

kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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March 28 2015
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Harrimans Farm to Table
89 Grand Summit Way,
Grand Summit Hotel,
West Dover,
Vermont 05356
"Farm to Table"
Just the words ‘farm to table’ tells me this is a place I have to go. Local, fresh ingredients from Vermont farms? We were all in! We had a few choices for dinner on our ski weekend, but I knew it had to be Harriman’s.

I had sampled the works of the head chef in the summer knew we would be in for a treat. As the restaurant is located inside the lobby of the Grand Summit, I was unsure if it would be appropriate for kids. Upon entering for our early dinner I knew we would be right at home.

The restaurant is understated and rustic. The bar is in the center of the room and the well-spaced tables surround it. We were quickly seated by a waiter who took over hosting duties as the hostess had stepped away. I liked that he did not want to have us standing there and waiting.

I think we chose just the right time to eat. The skiers were busy getting untangled from their gear and the restaurant had just opened for dinner. Our service was quick and friendly. We were immediately supplied with a carafe of water and rolls as we decided what to eat for the evening.
I knew immediately I would have the cheese board. I am always a sucker for Vermont Cheese and my family loves it as well. We emptied that cheese board, current jam and honeycomb faster than you can say cheddar. We complemented that with some maple and Buffalo wings and we were already stuffed.

The kids ordered off the children’s menu which consisted of most of the usual suspects. My husband and I relished the salads and dish specials. As promised, everything was fresh and delicious.

The restaurant was definitely child friendly and the staff was very accommodating.
March 28 2015
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GRAND SUMMIT HOTEL | kids travel, kids activities
89 Mountain Road,
West Dover, Vermont
"Staying at the Grand Summit"
On our recent ski trip to Mount Snow we stayed right on the slopes at the Grand Summit Hotel. This hotel offers beautiful views of the mountain and is part of the village that has been created at Mount Snow where there are restaurants, shops and ski school.

We drove up and were greeted by valet parking, friendly bell staff and a striking building. The Hotel itself is a magnificent lodge type structure in keeping with the mountain theme.

We checked in on an early spring afternoon for as a place to rest our head to get ready for a full day of skiing the following day.

The Lobby
The many story lobby is flanked by the hotel desk and ticket counter on one side and Harriman’s Farm to Table restaurant on the other. We were quickly greeted by hotel staff, given our room key and sent to the convenient elevator. The hotel is quite large and getting to your room can be a trek.
Right off the lobby is an merchandise area where you might purchase sundries, gear and also the Grand Country Deli where a quick bite to eat can be purchased.

In addition to the two on site restaurants, there are a number of other restaurants in the nearby and walkable ski village. Walking thought the ski village is relaxing and helps to get a lay of the land for when it is time to strap on your skis and hit the slopes. We were able to find the main lodge, rental desk and restaurants to plan for our next day.
The hotel also offers a full workout gym, NatureSpa for treatments and an outdoor heated pool and hot tub area.
We spent a good chunk of our night swimming after a fabulous dinner at Harriman’s. Although we were expecting a busy ski day the following day due to predicted excellent conditions we were the only swimmers in the pool for a while. I enjoyed soaking in the bubbling hot tub while watching the warm steam rise up as the kids swam in the attached pool. The steam only cleared away when a winter breeze blew a chilly wind across my face. I was in heaven!

Our room was terrific for our family of 5. Often times it is difficult to get a room that will accommodate 2 adults and 3 growing children. The suite room at the Grand Summit was perfect.
The room featured 2 sleeping areas, a kitchen and large table, large bathroom with 2 sinks, and a living area with a fireplace and flat screen television. The living area converted into a sleeping area at bedtime with a queen size murphy pull down and a pull out coach. Slumber party time for the kids! Linens for the kids beds were found in a closet near the entrance to the unit and the beds were easily made up.
Our sleeping area featured a king size bed, ample room for storage, a door to the deck and another flat screen TV. The linens were cozy and sleeping was quiet.
Other room sizes for smaller families are available and do not include a kitchen area or separate sleeping arrangements.
Having enough living space is important when skiing as there is so much gear involved. We easily found a place for the outdoor gear of our whole family without infringing on walking space. It also made for a quick and easy pack up the next morning.

Disclosure: My family and I were given a complimentary stay at the Grand Summit from the staff at Mount Snow. I was not required to write any specific review and all opinions are my own.
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kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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