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About Me & My Family

We are a family of 5. We love to travel and to see new things. We look for a educational experience in everything we do and my we do a lot. Our kids are so used to being on the go that they have tremendous stamina. We try to plan 2 large trips every year and supplement them with weekend get-aways, staycations and a day jaunt now and again. Our kids are always wondering what the next spot will be.
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adventurous, energetic
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Rhode Island beaches
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Watching the kids lug their car seats through the airport on their first plane ride.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Two of my kids got lost at a campground in Yellowstone. My 9 year old son took his 6 year old sister on a walk to the restroom 4 sites down and couldn't find their way back. We ended up reporting them missing at the camp check in and then the search began. I was afraid of them being abducted, but also of the Grizzlies which were out in full force that summer due to the late melt. It was the worst 45 minutes of our lives. A fellow camper overheard my husband relay the story to the camp personnel and she recognized them as she returned to her site 7 loops away from ours. The ranger was called and returned them safely to us. The employees were great and it was a happy ending to a potential disaster.
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March 26 2015
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Christmas Farm Inn
3 Blitzen Way,
New Hampshire 03846
"Place for the kids"
We had a dinner at the Christmas Farm Inn which is a themed Inn in the quaint ski town of Jackson New Hampshire.

The current owners of the Inn have refurbished much of the Inn, rooms, dining room and have added a spa retreat to the multi-building property that has often been used for weddings, family reunions and Polar Express getaways during Christmas.

The dining room is a rustic charming area situated in the main building of the inn. In addition to the adult menu there is a specific children menu with the typical children’s fare and Shepard’s Pie. A nice addition to the family dining for guests is the use of a nearby common room. We all know that for the most part, there is a time limit on any child’s good behavior. They can usually only hold out for so long. The owners of the Christmas Farm inn have ingeniously added a Family Lounge off the main dining room. After you children have finished there meal and the parents would like a bit more time, the children can be set up in the family lounge wither playing a quiet game, watching TV or reading. When everyone is finished the whole family can retire to their respective room. This gives the parent’ s bit more time than they would normally have to enjoy their meal.

Our meals at the Christmas Farm Inn were quite tasty and easily some on the best food we had on our trip. We gobbled up the hot artichoke dip and chips we ordered as an appetizer. The kids all enjoyed their childrens entrees. We parents felt satisfied with our choices of Maple Salmon and Goat Cheese risotto. All the guests at the Inn seemed to be relaxed an at home. We would like to stay and enjoy the amenities of the Inn in the near future.

Disclosure: My family and I were provided complimentary meals as guests of the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. I was not required to provide and specific opinion and all opinions are my own.
March 26 2015
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The Rocks Estate | kids travel, kids activities
The Rocks Estate
4 Christmas Lane,
New Hampshire 03574
"Maple Sugar Weekend"
The Rocks estate is part of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. The estate has been converted from one family’s home to an outdoor facility concerned with education, conservation and beautification of the land.

This 1400 acre estate of a former machine tycoon now is open for the public to use and appreciate. There are trails, preserved out buildings, education programs and as well, the estate grows an abundance of Christmas trees that can be shipped anywhere in the USA around Christmas time!

We found the estate just outside the center of Littleton in Bethlehem and brought along some trusty snowshoes to explore the property. We arrived at the estate just as the days were getting warmer and the nights were still cool. Conveniently this is maple sap running time! Nigel Manley, the director of the Estate was on hand to provide us a great hands on experience regarding the making of that sweet New England staple: Maple Syrup.

He started our tour out inside where we learned about the history of Maple syrup from the native New England people, to the settlers and current uses. After learning a bit about tree conversation and the best way to properly tap a tree we were given a tool to drill a small hole into the tree and immediately the sap started flowing. We hung our bucket to collect the sap and set off on a snowshoe hike to the Maple Museum at the other end of the property.

Along the hike Nigel pointed out interesting facts about the history of the property and also tidbits about the science of Maple Syrup and the local flora and fauna. At the museum we were able to try on the yokes that used to be used to haul syrup before the sugar bush was used. We saw a replica of a native trough where the sap was hand delivered before being boiled into syrup or boiled down for sugar. At the museum there is equipment used for making syrup and when the estate has collected enough sap they will begin the annual process of boiling and creating syrup. That hadn’t started yet while we were there as the sap had just started flowing.

After we had finished out tour we went back inside to sample some of the syrup grades and learned about the new grading system. Nigel served up some sweetness with a pickle which is customary when sampling syrup. I dare say we liked the syrup better!

The Maple Weekend experience is just one of the programs offered by the Rocks estate. You can opt for a private tour or come during one of their scheduled demonstrations. They also offer other wildlife and outdoor education programs throughout the year. We would like to go back to see what else Nigel has in store for us!

Disclosure: My family and I were provided a private tour of the Maple Experience at the Rocks Estate as guests of the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. I was not required to provide a specific opinion and all opinions are my own.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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March 26 2015
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Littleton Diner | kids travel, kids activities
Littleton Diner
145 Main St,
New Hampshire 03561
"A Simpler Time"
Buckwheat pancakes and genuine New Hampshire maple syrup are a big part of the menu here at the Littleton Diner found on Main St. As a matter of fact, syrup is served with many of the breakfast foods. You have to ask for the imitation stuff here. At the Littleton Diner it is all about local tradition and real foods.

We had a great lunch at the Littleton Diner and discovered it is a favorite of local politicians as they campaign their way through New Hampshire. Mitt Romney has stopped here as have John McCain and John Edwards. We discovered what they likely have. The Littleton Diner has great food and a pleasant atmosphere.

True to its diner roots the Littleton Diner is housed in a parlor car and has seen a variety of changes since the 1930’s when it first opened. Since that time is has been a mainstay of the community and a throwback to a simpler way of life.

We sat nearby the window so we could see the street, but also sat next to an old style cast iron register; the type my Grandmother used to heat her house with when I was a child. I was immediately transported to a time long ago. Our waitress was attentive and the service was quick. We were suckers for the soup in a bread bowl on that cold March day. My son was the only one who didn’t get the soup. He ordered the Caesar Salad wrap and said it was the best lunch he had in his life. I am sorry we decided to forgo the all-day breakfast, but we did leave quite satisfied anyway.

The only problem with the restaurant is that they do not take credit cards. There is an onsite ATM, but we rather like the convenience of carrying and using credit cards.

Disclosure: My family and I were provided a complimentary meal at the Littleton Diner via the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. We were not required to provide a specific review and all opinions are my own.
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kids travel, kids activities
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March 26 2015
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Lahouts Ski Shop | kids travel, kids activities
Lahouts Ski Shop
245 Union St,
New Hampshire 03561
"Equipment rental from America's oldest ski shop"
You cannot pass through the town of Littleton New Hampshire without spying a shop named Lahouts. They seem to dabble in many different businesses. However they do own America’s oldest operating ski shop right there in Littleton.

The shop carries all types of gear, clothing and accessories necessary for out sports including skiing. The shop advertises its history and gear from the outside. Inside the hallowed halls of the ski shop are signatures from many famous skiers that have passed through.

Owner Joe Lahout and his brother are 2 genial guys genuinely trying to help their customers enjoy the great outdoors.

They also rent outdoor gear including skis and snowshoes. We left the store with 5 pairs of rented snowshoes and poles to get ready for our next adventure snowshoeing. Everything worked out perfectly and we were able to return the shoes before closing time the same day. The rental process was quite easy and should we decide to rent again we know we can count on Lahouts.

Disclosure: My family and I were provided snowshoe rentals from Lahouts and through the New Hampshire Department of Travel and Tourism. I was not required to express a specific opinion and all opinions are my own,
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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March 26 2015
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Chutters Candy Shop | kids travel, kids activities
Chutters Candy Shop
43 Main St,
New Hampshire 03561
"Candy Heaven"
Chutters Candy Shop is Candy Heaven. With a counter at 112 feet it has the distinction of being the longest candy counter in the world.

Located on the main street of the quaint town of Littleton New Hampshire, Chutters is every child’s (and candy loving adults) dream. The long counter takes up one side of the store and kids can be set free to slap on a pair of gloves, follow the candy collection rules and fill up their bag. Plan on dropping a bit of change here. There is no way you will leave empty handed once you enter.

In addition to true penny candy and long forgotten favorites like Mary Janes or gummy worms there are nostalgic gums and full size candy bars, rock candy and chocolates. Fudge lovers are not left out the homemade fudge is amazing and comes in so many flavors. I tried to espresso cookies and cream and I am still thinking about it!

There is also a gift area which includes some more candy, sundries and novelty items like emergency underwear in a can or bacon bandages.

A stop at Chutters is worth it if you are heading into the White Mountains. The quaint town of Littleton will have you wiling away a couple of hours, your bellies filled with candy!
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kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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