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About Me & My Family

We're a globe trekking, fun-loving, bilingual family always planning our next adventure. From art museums to alpine skiing, we're ready for anything. We are USTA rated tennis players, professional artists and musicians, golfers, swimmers, skiiers, sailors, engineers, and more!
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, relaxed, simple, independent, energetic, spontaneous, sophisticated, easy_going, scheduled, artsy, social_butterfly
We Just Got Back From
The Longboat Key Club which is located on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Paradise!
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Wherever we go next! Thanks to Trekaroo, I always have a great group of reviews to help me plan a fantastic vacation!
A Place We'd Love To Visit
During the winter, anywhere with snow and easy airport access. Golfing, tennis, spa, ski, and culinary resorts are ideal!
Favorite Vacation Memory
One of my favorite vacation memories was the first time my daughter saw snow at the Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. She's still talking about ski school years later! The Innisbrook Golf Resort and Indaba Spa near Tampa Bay, Florida. What an amazing experience! A home exchange holiday in France.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Dangerous weather conditions, unexpected airport and security delays.
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June 08 2014
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SeaVenture at Discovery Cove | kids travel, kids activities
SeaVenture at Discovery Cove
6000 Discovery Cove Way,
Florida 32821
"Walk with the fish"
SeaVenture at Discovery Cove is an amazing underwater guided walking tour. Seeing fish swim all around me, standing so close to the nurse sharks, and holding a spiny lobster in the underwater habitat were my favorite highlights of the 25 minute adventure.

The journey starts on dry land. After a twenty minute safety orientation and video presentation, we were led to a ladder and invited to climb down into the water. We were fitted with a helmet once we stepped down into the 75 degree water. It was a bit chilly at first but the wetsuit provided by Discovery Cove really helped.

Once our party of eight adults and one teenager were in the tank, we started our tour. Walking on the sandy SeaVenture floor felt like a near weightless dance on the moon. It was easy to glide through the water and see fish swimming all around. The helmet, weighing in around 50 pounds, helps keep you from floating up towards the surface and also supplies all the air you'll need. It is super easy to breathe as your face is completely free to look out and enjoy the view. The tank ranges from about 10-15 feet deep and winds through coral caverns and past a shark tank and the Grand Reef tank.

Communication with the guides is done through a variety of hand signals and a write on board. It was easy to understand what they wanted us to see and know during the 25 minute underwater adventure.

The tours are held in small groups so everyone can enjoy the animal interactions. The fish feeding was a colorful swirl of tropical fish. Some fish were so close that we were literally seeing eye to eye!

Guests can bring their underwater cameras or opt to use one provided by Discovery Cove for no charge. If you wish to purchase the photo CD, there is a small fee but you can preview the images before deciding.

If you're not SCUBA certified, no worries! This is an ideal way to go underwater to see marine life up close and personal in a safe environment without having to earn a PADI certification first. Kids have to be at least ten to participate and must be accompanied by an adult. We're already planning a return visit after our youngest is old enough to experience this incredible tour. It is fabulous!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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May 31 2014
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Roux | kids travel, kids activities
4205 South MacDill,
Florida 33611
"Flavorful menu and friendly staff"
Roux is a soon to be opened restaurant in South Tampa. They held a sneak taste testing preview of their menu items. We were able to try nearly everything on their proposed menu. We will be back to enjoy a family lunch as the restaurant is a casual, family friendly venue ideal for families. At night, the restaurant transforms into a white linen table service restaurant with Creole Nouvelle cuisine which would be ideal for a romantic date night.

My eight year old really enjoyed the muffaletta sandwiches which are served on Datz baked fresh bread. The sandwich is flavorful and delicious! The portion sizes are generous which makes it fun to share dishes at lunchtime. Her favorite menu item was the visually beautiful Creole cream cheese ice cream Baked Alaska. So yummy!

The smoked duck spring rolls were melt in your mouth delicious and the red beans and rice were the best I've tasted outside of the Crescent City!

My favorite dish was the Bourbon Pecan Snapper on Sweet Potato Hash. Incredible! My eight year old took a bite and did not want to share the rest with me. It was that good!

I finished the evening with a cup of Chicory Café Au Lait and kicked back to the sounds of New Orleans jazz as the kids got a special tour of the kitchen.

This is a very family friendly place! Make sure to bring the kids for lunch and reserve the dinner plans for special dates. Let the good times roll!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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May 26 2014
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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Disney's Magic Kingdom | kids travel, kids activities
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Disney's Magic Kingdom
Disney's Magic Kingdom,
Lake Buena Vista,
Florida 32830
"Hi Ho! The Mine Train smoothly flows!"
Although the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially opens on May 28, 2014, my eight year old and I were fortunate to hop aboard for a few sneak peek rides. The ride is spectacular!

As the sun set over Fantasyland, we excitedly walked along the path in the line to board the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We caught a glimpse of the Seven Dwarfs cabin with so many special details that we spotted something new each time we passed by - animal tracks in the pavement, an axe left in a log, and something sinister just around the corner. The lanterns light the path down into the covered queue where interactive games entertain and delight. The first is a drag and drop gem sorting game with enough sluice (trough of water where miners sift for gems) stations to engage at least eight miners at a time. As colorful gems float by on a digital stream, we sorted the gems by color and shape into our little pans. The game is so much fun that it was challenging to move on as the line progressed. Fortunately, the next interactive station is even cooler – literally! Music flows as water drops from wood-carved animal figures into a colorful sluice of gemstones and lights. Guests interrupt the flow of water to change the pitch and rhythm of the music. It’s a great way to cool off and get into the mine themed adventure ahead. Next, we entered the main building where we found a handwritten note from Doc. Guests have to work together to spin the seven barrels of colorful gems to create an overhead display worth every ounce of effort put into it. As we spun a barrel, the image of gems reflected on the ceiling transformed into an image of the dwarf whose name appeared on that barrel. If all seven barrels are spinning, a magical image of Snow White will appear in the center. Be sure to work together as a team and sing, too.

As we neared the front of the line, we spotted the mine cars. So cute! Even though the cars are connected, each car moves and swings independently from one another which is an Imagineering marvel and a first for rollercoasters anywhere in the world. The side by side two-seat car is comfortable and high tech but still looks like a mine car from the Snow White movie.

And we’re off! The ride is so smooth and takes the turns and twists without bumps. Portions of the track are outside and wind through beautifully landscaped hills which overlook familiar Fantasyland attractions including the Tea Cups, Dumbo, and more. As the cars slowly climbed up a steep hill, we caught a glimpse of the two vultures from the original Snow White ride before being whisked down and around the hills and into the mines. The ride alternates between fast and slow sections which allow plenty of time to enjoy the colorful decorations in the mine. We sang along with the Seven Dwarfs as they mined the glowing gems. Then, we’re back outdoors flying past incredible views of Beast’s Castle, the carousel, and finally Cinderella’s Castle before slowing down to disembark.

The last portion of the track glides past the Dwarf’s cottage where we saw Snow dancing with the dwarfs and recognized some of the animals from the original ride. The music is festive and gives no hint of the sinister visitor at the very end of the ride. So many other riders did not see the witch with her basket of apples that I hesitate to mention it here. It’s a surprise that made me gasp!

In true Disney style, the attention to detail from start to finish is incredible. The Imagineers have worked wonders to create a thrilling mine car ride that smoothly moves guests through a sparkling diamond mine and out over the New Fantasyland. The views are spectacular!

April 24 2014
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Park City Farmer's Market
The Canyons Resort,
4000 Canyons Resort Drive,
Park City,
"A favorite with locals"
Visiting the Park City Farmer's Market which is held in one of the parking lots at the Canyons is a great way to meet some locals, buy some unique handmade items, and feel like your not on vacation. It's stroller friendly, too.

The variety of vendors changes week to week but the quality of merchandise is always consistently good. We've picked up some vegetables and honey as well as handmade soaps during recent visits. We like talking with the vendors about places they like to explore in and around Park City.
April 24 2014
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Canyons Resort bike park | kids travel, kids activities
Canyons Resort bike park
4000 Navajo Trail,
Park City,
"Mountain biking - slopestyle"
Park City, Utah has amazing bike trails throughout the city and the bike paths at Canyons are no exception. The trails are well laid out, easy to follow by skill level, and offer some amazing views.

Geared for older kids and adults, the trails are fun to explore but keep the altitude in mind. Remember to drink plenty of water to avoid the desert dehydration. The trails lead to the base of the resort where you'll find a variety of tasty dining options. Happy trails!