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There are 4 of us and a dog. I'm out numbered because I'm the only girl.
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Flying in a plane with my oldest on our way to Tennessee. He was screaming (he was like 2 at the time) and everyone was giving me the evil eye.
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105 Reviews

March 25 2014
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Cody's Original Roadhouse | kids travel, kids activities
Cody's Original Roadhouse
305 S.E. U.S. Hwy 19 N.,
Crystal River,
Florida 34429
"Fun and Delicious"
Cody's is just a fun place to eat. When we walked into the restaurant, instead of taking down our name, our hostess gave us a Queen of Spades. This is how they called for people when their tables were ready. Then, while we were waiting to be seated we enjoyed our fill of peanuts from the barrel full next to the front entrance.

We visited during dinner time so the restaurant was packed but we were seated quickly. The menu was great and can be viewed online. They offer everything from Salads to Filet Mignons. They also offer weekly and daily specials including kids eat free days. Their kids and adult meals were large, filling and delicious.
I have to say that my favorite part of the meal was enjoying their hot rolls and refreshing salad. Yummy!
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March 25 2014
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Crystal River Archaeological State Park | kids travel, kids activities
Crystal River Archaeological State Park
3400 North Museum Point,
Crystal River,
Florida 34428
"Beautiful State Park"
At the Crystal River Archaeological State Park you and your family will learn about the Indians and how they lived. You will have the opportunity to watch an informational video about the area, see the different tools the Indians used and walk through their burial grounds.
This park also hosts special events for families so call before arriving so that you can plan your trip appropriately.
My family and I had a nice time visiting I highly recommend it!
kids travel, kids activities
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March 25 2014
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Coastal Heritage Museum | kids travel, kids activities
Coastal Heritage Museum
532 Citrus Avenue,
Crystal River,
Florida 34428
"A Little Crystal River History"
The Coastal Heritage Museum is a fun little museum to visit. It is small but packed with fun, historical items.
My boys, ages 6 and 8, really enjoyed the enclosed town diorama while my husband and I enjoyed finding items similar to the ones we played with when we were young. If you are in the area it is definitely worth your time to check out.

When you are done visiting the museum you may want to visit Amy's on the Avenue across the street. You will find some delicious chocolates in her store.
kids travel, kids activities
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March 24 2014
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Plantation Dive Shop | kids travel, kids activities
Plantation Dive Shop
9301 W. Fort Island Trail,
Crystal River,
Florida 34429
"Snorkel With The Manatee"
Swimming with the Manatees at the Plantation on Crystal River is something you do not want to miss out on. Especially since this is one of the only places in North America where you can legally swim and observe this endangered species. Swimming with the gentle giants, touching them and experiencing their life in the water is truly amazing.

Our tour started early on a cold March morning. We arrived at the Plantation Dive Shop at 7:15am for our 7:30am tour. I was surprised to see a crowd waiting in line that early for a snorkeling tour. I asked the Dive Shop staff why we needed to leave so early in the morning and the gentleman who checked us in said that it was the best time to see the manatees. He also said that we were lucky that it was chilly outside because the chilly temperatures cause the manatee to gather in the warmer waters. The average temperature of the water in Kings Bay, where we embarked on our snorkeling adventure, is 69 to 74 degree during manatee season. After we checked in they gave us our gear and wetsuits. My boys, age 6 and 8, were snorkeling with my husband and I. I was pleasantly surprised that the dive shop had wetsuits, fins, snorkels and masks that fit my boys. Next, we went into the heated restrooms and changed into our gear. Everything fit perfectly and we were on our way.

Our Captain, Captain John, was amazing. He helped all of us on the boat and was very knowledgable about the manatees and the area we were touring. While we were riding to our destination he gave us a brief rundown of Kings Bay, the manatees and what to expect when swimming with them. Once we arrived to our destination and were in the water, the manatee literally surrounded us. It was such an extraordinary experience. There were several manatee bumping into us but, the mommy and baby manatee that liked to floss their teeth on our boat’s ropes had my complete attention. It was such a sweet and truly breathtaking moment .

Next, we traveled up to Three Sisters Springs. This is where the manatee like to hang out when it is really cold outside as the springs keep the water at a constant 72 degrees. We visited the springs during low tide. We “ran” into a manatee at the mouth of the springs but because of low tide and the strong current there were no manatee at the springs. Still it was a beautiful and warm snorkeling experience. We saw several fish, a water bird, vegetation and the water bubbling up from the springs. It was a ton of fun and great experience just observing the beauty of the springs.

Once our adventure was over, we all got back onto our boat, dried off with the towels that were provided for us and enjoyed some complimentary hot coffee and tea. This is a family adventure that I truly recommend!

A few tips:
Make sure your kids are strong swimmers and used to snorkeling.
Bring extra large towels, for the kids, at least, because it can get chilly on the boat. It is enclosed which keeps it warmer inside but, it still can get a bit chilly.
Wear boat shoes. We had a lot of water on the floor of our boat which caused things to get slippery.
Try to put your towels and such in a waterproof bag so they don’t get wet.
You and/or your kids can stay in the boat. You don’t have to go into the water but, when snorkeling at Three Sisters you will not be able to see the boat. My boys were done snorkeling by the time we arrived at the Springs so we left them on the boat in the care of one of the ladies we met on the tour.
If you are staying at the Plantation on Crystal River make sure to extend your check-out time. Our tour ended at 11am so we had to hurry back to extend our check-out.
Bring some extra cash to tip the Captain.
Have fun!

Disclosure: This review is my own and based on a complimentary stay, meals and swimming tour at the Plantation on Crystal River, Florida. The Plantation and tour guides did not require that I express a particular point of view.
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March 24 2014
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West 82° Bar and Grill | kids travel, kids activities
West 82° Bar and Grill
9301 W. Fort Island Trail,
Crystal River,
Florida 34429
"You Catch It They Cook It"
During our stay at the Plantation on Crystal River, Florida we were able to enjoy lunch at one of the resort restaurants, West 82°Bar and Grill. The person who seated us was very kind and attentive to all of our needs. The decor of the restaurant was quite nice and comfortable with a great view of the resort pool and Kings Bay.

The restaurant has a nice menu for the adults and children. The children’s menu was the usual kids fare with items such as spaghetti, hamburgers and hotdogs but the portions were huge! One of my boys ordered a hamburger and the other ordered a cheeseburger. They were so large that my kids were unable to finish them, which is a fabulous thing when you have boys ages 6 and 8 that are always hungry. My husband ordered a fried fish dish, that again was very large and filling and I ordered the blue crab salad. It was delicious and healthy for this health conscience momma. My husband is a pescatarian and the menu at West 82° Bar and Grill provided him with many options. I loved that!

When visiting Plantation on Crystal River or, if you are just in the area, be sure to visit West 82° during one of their special events.

Sunday Brunch from 11:30am to 2:00pm
Chef’s specialty dinner selections and an assortment of fresh salads, peel and eat shrimp and Chef attended carving station

Wine Wednesdays
All bottles of wind are ½ price with the purchase of an appetizer or entree

Martini night from 4pm to 10pm
Rib Eye Thursdays, 2 sides and dessert for $19.95

The chef will clean and cook your fresh caught Scallops and Fish for you. How fun!

Disclosure: This review is my own and based on a complimentary stay, meals and swimming tour at the Plantation on Crystal River, Florida. The Plantation and tour guides did not require that I express a particular point of view.
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